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fairy tale high/ academy new clothes on final product

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No it was Gaga who supposedly basically stole the money from them it was something like that. Dint know that story very Well

thrifty dolly said:

How did it turn into a scam was mgae not paying for the license and just making dolls without permission of lady ga ga?

Toys r us is taking pre orders for these if anyone wants to get them early. I can wait for the stores to get them. There a bit expensive at 18 each.

I'm surprised these are available at a major retailer like ToysRUs. I was expecting the dollar stores or maybe something like Walgreens and CVS.

This line could very well surprise me, but I'm still not interested. That's very expensive for what little it has to offer, and there's no male characters yet. I'll keep an eye on it though.

They are now in stock on amazon they are 20 dollars thou.

They must be popular to someone, some of them only have 1 left in stock. I'm gonna have to pass on these for now, but that might change if they add male dolls.

Your right a lot of people are buying the dolls. some people must like them. I don't want to buy any until the price comes down thou the quality is not as good as ever after high.

I think the doll line has potential, but it has to work on a lot of things like overall quality/face/webisodes

I received the sleeping beauty today and it looks pretty good

I'm really starting to like this line, I just wished the faces looked a little better.

The theme song came out on itunes and I LOVE it. you can hear a snippit of it on the official fairy tale high site!

You can also checkout the e-books and find out about potential new characters, I'm always on the look out for the male characters and Jimmy Hook (who i assume to be Captain Hook) takes my interest!

It's odd, because both this line and Once Upon a Zombie are based on designs from the same company: Toon Studios of Beverly Hills.  I like that they're getting their designs out, because in a world awash with Disney, it's nice to see some variety in the fairytale doll department.  But I just think the zombie dolls look nicer.  I guess I'll see when these start popping up in stores, because I'm not really impressed with way these dolls look online.  :/


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