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Ok, this game is kinda sorta complicated, so let me explain in the clearest most uncomplicated way I can....

So this is kinda like a roleplaying-ish thing, but its not Monster High role-play, and is actually more of a game type thing, so thats why it's in "Fun and Games". So first, choose a title. Here is the list:







Aunt (ie) 




Crazy (old)

Or anything else in that category, i think you know by now though,

Then, make up a name. ANY name. Really. For all I care, your name can be Flashlight, although I would prefer one that's normal-ish, no offense if your real name is something like Flashlight. could be a rapper and make up a name that starts with Bob, Bobby, something like that.

So here is my name...


But there are special people in the game. Some people are Fairy Godparents! The first person with a Male character is the godfather, and the first female is the godmother. They are married. Everybody after that is a god kid, even if in the game they're not really a kid. 

God kids make wishes, the god parents grant em'. Before you grant the wish, you say "Alaka-alaka-alaka-" and say GRANTED! But like in "The Fairly Oddparents!", there is a book of rules, and God parents can't grant wishes that break Da Rules.

.You can't wish someone dead.

.You can't wish for someone to fall in love with you.

.You can't wish to be a fairy.

.You can't wish the dead alive. 

Let's Play!

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I guess I'll play. 

I'm Gramma Stylebozz, a god parent! I'm a rapper, bro! So whoz the Godfather? 

I'm Mr H, a god parent I think I guess don't know am I doing this right?

So ur married to gramma stylebozz?

I'm Uncle Ron, I'm always questioning the fairies

Ok...Need more characters....


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