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Interesting concept, guess they were inspired by all those YouTube videos of wrecked garage sale dolls being rescued and given makeovers.

the cleaned up dolls are cute but will they actually end up looking like that?

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the girls got a quick boil dunk.

I didn't do much more than a quick rinse for the curly hair as I didn't want to ruin their curls. The other two got a dunk and comb.

the gloop is very sticky when wet, it's gross.

But oh what a difference it makes.

cute! I want the purple hair girl but Id be worried about ruining her bangs when I boil clean it. I dont want them sticking out flat.

you could wrap an elastic band around her head or pour the water from above her. So long as you let the hair sit DOWN as it dries it shouldn't dry outward.

good tip, I'll try that! I mentioned it b/c I ruined a MH doll's bangs once doing the boil straightening thing, lol.


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