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Interesting concept, guess they were inspired by all those YouTube videos of wrecked garage sale dolls being rescued and given makeovers.

the cleaned up dolls are cute but will they actually end up looking like that?

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They are very cute despite the cheap clothes and hair. I would like to see one in person.

so their is some controversy with the first doll you posted (purple haired girl)

an artist called miss kika is accusing that moose toys copied their artwork

this was the prototype doll:

Fail Fix doll

her art:

then the official doll:

another comparison pic from l to r: art, promo/protype pic, and official doll credit

she said she is in contact with moose toys about the issue

looks like they copied her!

I don't know if Moose copied her art work but it looks like she copied Hello Kitty! lol  Maybe people could come up with more original and fresh ideas! Then it would not look like everybody is copying everybody.

This review is so bad. Absolutely useless! I could not believe it when I saw it. Poor Moose!

I reviewed one! to be brief, I really enjoy her. She's really very very pretty.

I have seen your review. She is adorable. I like that size for dolls. I also like the mask. I would like one. I just can't afford all these dolls at once. There are too many at the same time!!

great review! I like the smaller size too. The added stand is a bonus, didn't know they came with one. I def will pick up at least one.

they have body variation btw. Preppy Posh has a curvy body while Kawaiiqtee's body is skinnier.

So cute! I really want one! lol


I'll have to see more of them in PERSON, but the "FAIL" faces are actually SCARING me some! Wow! They make these girls look as though they've been hittin' the BARS at 2 A.M., or engaging in hanky pinky in a mosh pit! LOL!

I am a total sucker for dolls with elegant hand poses, though, and I love jointed dolls, so....I MAY HAVE to have at least ONE of these dolls.

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