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Interesting concept, guess they were inspired by all those YouTube videos of wrecked garage sale dolls being rescued and given makeovers.

the cleaned up dolls are cute but will they actually end up looking like that?

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Hello, mechagirl,

I didn't even see your message before I posted my own. I'm sorry. :( The site has been acting weird, so I can't erase my message, or I would do so.

My favorite of these dolls is the brown-eyed blonde. Which one is your favorite?

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

thats ok! I cant decide which one I like the most, they're all so pretty! I really like the purple haired and the burgundy haired one.

I'm... curious but also dubious because the gimmick feels so... pointless. They'd be nice dolls without that gimmick and the messy hair and screwed up face makes me very nervous for how well they'd actually scrub up.

I mean, if i'm gonna spend money on a doll I will have to spend several hours cleaning up i'd be better off buying a bundle of tlc vintage dolls you know?

It's like scruff a love but with dolls and those scruff a loves NEVER look like the packaging, they always look squashed and ratty even after a lot of care.

I named mine Roadkill because it LOOKS like it got run over.

So hmm.

I wish companies would stop being so nervous about their products that they felt the need to slap a gimmick on it to sell. Dolls shouldnt' NEED a gimmick, they should be able to be sold on their own merit as a doll. And these ones LOOK quite nice.

I just yeah, i'm disappointed they had to slap a gimmick on which will hike the price and likely end with a substandard doll after a lot of work.

I am however very curious about the messed up face. Is that like that dissolving paint Mattel is using for those crappy surprise barbies?

hehe its true, its like they're gonna make you pay $$$ to basically buy a messed up garage sale doll. Whatta world! :P

It will be so hard to fix their hair! Still love em' though... I, for one, love the quote unquote gimmick because it would allow me to delve in and make it "my own" so to speak. I am sure the face-up is a cold/hot water working system, the hair is my only concern. It is quite a twisted mess and all. You would probably have to boil straighten it to achieve the after look because it would be curly from being up for so long in box. I am curious how the black doll gets her braids... if I would have to do that I would just put it in a pony. I can braid, but that looks exhausting. I REALLY wish though that the purple haired one was sold already looking as she does in the "fixed" picture. She is gorgeous and I want her. 

reading the description, it says it includes a "removable failed face", so I guess its like a mask that comes off, like the Monster High Inner Monster masks? still have no idea how the hair would work...

Yes, It looks like it is a mask. I am curious. They are really adorable. I will buy one of these I think. I hope they will not be extortionate. The great thing about reviving car boot sales dolls needing tlc is that it costs you peanuts!! It adds to the pleasure of fixing them!

I need the blonde!

They are really cute. It is an interesting idea but is it necessary?

I think I have done my share of cleaning and reviving rescued dolls!! lol

I agree that the gimmick will inflate the price. It seems it has become very difficult to buy a doll that you can see in her box. They all have to have a surprise element or an unecessary gimmick. Of course, there are the Fashionistas but I find them so boring...

I am a bit overwhelmed by all the new dolls lines at the moment. They are all cute but there are too many of them and I think they all have too many similarities. I have started to become addicted to omgs. I had to stop the process before I end up broke. Luckily, I can have control over the impulse. The defects of the dolls have been a great help! I try to find them second hand, it is a better option for my purse!

The question I ask myself at the moment is do I really like all these new dolls? I don't think I like them as much as I loved Monster High. It makes me reconsider...

I also think there is something wrong with Youtube. All these unboxing reviews are becoming boring and exhausting. They are to me! It never used to be that bad.

Cute dolls but I agree with everyone, it didn't need the gimmick. They would have sold just fine without the gimmick.

they look nothing like their promo images but they're actually pretty cute. Inset eyes, which is interesting.

the hair looks BAD though. It looks like it's nylon and the gimmick of having to comb it out and detangle it makes me nervous it'll just be a frizzy mess.

the face gimmick looks to be a face plate/mask like those inner monster dolls where it clips on and underneath is their regular face. So that's actually pretty cool, means you can redo the disaster look over and over which is nice.

Also looks like 2 different body types. One curvier than the other.

there's 5 characters but they don't seem to have names. Just descriptors.

There's also the 5th black girl

there's also a playset doll who comes with hair chalk and looks to have white hair you can do like a pastel rainbow thing with?

She comes with two outfits.

the regular dolls have a rrp of $19:99 and the deluxe set is $29:99 according to Moose Toys.

oh wow they're cute but that's too bad about the hair, you can tell that's how they saved $$$ so they could keep them to a $19.99 price point(I thought they'd be more expensive.) Also the clothes looks kinda cheap.


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