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Hi everyone, I run ioSaturn on Etsy and I'm here to show you all my adorable faceups. <3

The Cupid is my latest work, and the other examples show my previous style. The reroot on the 3-eyed CAM was done by someone else, the Cleo and sea monster are my own reroots. I also did Cupid's afro. 


Faceups: $35

Reroots: $30 for one color; $40 for 2-3 colors (mohair will cost considerably more because of increased cost of materials as well as taking longer to do)

Faceup + Reroot Combo: $60+ depending on the order (I don't charge more unless it's something really over the top)

Please place your orders via Etsy, and I'm willing to answer any and all questions here;


Reroot orders here:


OOAK Cupid







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