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3 things this time around!


1. Eyebrows

I removed my Ghoulia's eyebrows (I didn't like the shape or color), but I'm having problems getting new eyebrows back on. How do you guys do it? Would you use a pencil to draw the shape on first, or what? Also, what medium do you use to add them on the face with? Do you guys use acrylic paint (which I'm planning on using), sharpie/marker, or something else?


2. Hair Removal

I found a nifty tutorial on how to remove Deuce's hair, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to remove Holt's. If so, how did it work out? Or did you just put the wig over his plastic hair? (I don't think this is going to be an option for me though).


3. Modelling Clay

What kind of clay have/do you use for dolls? I plan on giving one my dolls horns, but I'm debating on what type of clay to use. Also, how did you fix whatever you made to your doll?



Any tips, links, photos, or guides are welcome! :D

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1. Eyebrows I can't help you with I fail at eyebrows. Tis the reason my alien and devil have none lol.

2. I did remove a Holt doll's hair. I didn't need to use any tools to do it. I pretty much went around the bottom of the hair pressing his head in and then just pulled it off . His head's not as doofy looking under the hair as Deuce's.

3. I've used Primo oven bake clay. After baking it I super glued it to the dolls head.

Crayola Model Magic Works Wonders if you wet it down and my it really soft.


I'm working on a new custome and wow did it work good


It air dries so you'll have to wait.

1. I use nail art polish. I'm pretty good at drawing lines.

2. Never tried.

#. I'd use polimer clay, bake it, then attatch it to the doll.

1. paint them on with acrylic paint

Eye brows can be a pain, one thing that helped me is going online and looking at tweezing/shaping guidelines. There are plenty sites on the sudject. I found a good graphic on under the heading "Make-up Tip: Tweezing and Shaping Your Way to Classic Eyebrows" you can use the basic guidelines from that top picture and go from there.

I definitely have to draw them on first with a pencil Lightly, I wouldn't fill them in, and a little smaller than you want so the paint you use will cover it.  I got a little crazy the first time and barbie looked filthy.

Hope that helps.

Edit; One thing that helped me is using a sewing needle or pin to apply paint for really thin brows or eyeliner. It takes some adjustments but it helped me.  


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