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Hey guys. I was looking around on the mattel shop. And I went into the "extra parts" store. I noticed that they sell stands for only four dollars! :D I thought this was kinda exciting for those who need them for Howleen or the werecat sisters. ^.^

Heres the link:

Although its on backorder. Just thought I would post this

P.S. I am just posting this to let you guys know if you guys need an extra stand. Don't flag me for trying to do a nice thing. I did not price these stands

P.S.S I am not blaming anyone for trying to flame me. So please dont assume I'm directing the above p.s towards you.  

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I've posted it on here but I have been making extra stands for myself and selling them too.  They are molded like originals and can be any color.  

I wouldn't order those stands from Mattel.... they are probably from the most recent run (since Operetta) of stands that are crappy and don't fit together... :(



Thanks for sharing. I am tempted to buy for the werecat twins/howleen and clawdeen pack. Also for the stands that don't work that I got with the new dolls. But I don't want to buy stands that possibly won't work, to replace stands that already don't work.I wish mattel would offer some sort of solution to this. 

The link doesn't work for me.....

I recommend for people to try looking around in craft/hobby shops in their area if they need more stands. I recently bought stands for my Howleen and Clawdeen dolls from a small shop in my neighborhood for under $2 each.

I just thought I would add a pic of the ones I have made.  Anyone could make these at home fairly easily with a few supplies from a hobby store.

I make them in 3 separate molds, so they fit together the same as the original stands.  They clip together nicely and don't pop off like the stands you have trouble with.  Also the waist holder is a bit more flexible and not as easy to break by accident.

FrankieFan said:

I've posted it on here but I have been making extra stands for myself and selling them too.  They are molded like originals and can be any color.  

Those look really nice!


How much do you charge for stands?

At $4 before shipping, those stands are too expensive.

Okay lets do the math.  

2x4 for the Werecats Sisters

2x4 for the Wolf sisters

maybe 5x4? for the dolls who have crappy stands

That's maybe 36 bucks on stands.  Not counting shipping of course.

 As of now I have been selling them for $5 a piece or 5 for $20.  That's your choice of color.  I think when you order online black is the only option.

I charge $3 to ship any stands, torsos or shoes ordered.  International shipping is a few dollars extra though.

Marissar said:

How much do you charge for stands?

I wouldn't order them direct from Mattel if I can help it. Talk to the chat-people (agents). If you get a good one, they'll usually give you a stand or two if you're already bought the twinsies or werewolf sisters.


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