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With almost every new doll being an exclusive its hard to keep track! This is my attempt at forming a (hopefully) comprehensive list. If I've missed anything please tell me- like all the new stuff revealed at SDCC. I didn't add SDCC dolls because I wanted this to be a list of dolls you could (in theory) find at a brick and mortar store. 

Ok lets do this!


Gloom Beach 5 pack

Skull Shores 5 pack

Clawdeen & Howleen 2 pack

Scary Tales - Draculaura

Scary Tales - Clawdeen

Scary Tales - Frankie

PolterGhoul & Wonder Wolf 



Fearleading 3 pack - Draculaura, Cleo and Ghoulia 

WereCat Twins 2 pack

Ghoulia Scooter with doll

Draculaura powder room with doll

I <3 Fashion Abbey

I <3 Fashion Frankie

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood


3 pack Dot Dead Gorgeous - Abby, Draculaura and Ghoulia

Ghouls Rule - Abby

Catrine DeMew


RM 2 pack- Abby & Ghoulia

JC Penney's

Draculaura & Roadster


Fashion Pack Operetta

Fashion Pack Clawdeen


Coffin Bean with Draculaura

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Walmart HAD the Dawn of the dance 3-pack as an exclusive.

Is Abbey + Ghoulia Rollermaze really a kmart exclusive? D;


Emily is Piff said:

HHB is exclusive to TRU.

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