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We just received notification from Mattel the the EVER AFTER HIGH Dolls will not be available in the United States for the 2013 year. It's a big disappointment for lots of little collectors, but, as soon as more information becomes available, we'll keep you updated.

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This right here.

I do, however, agree with Triumvirate that if EAH is slated for a 2014 release, there will be some product that is released before the end of 2013, long before or just in time for the holidays, like was done with Toralei, and with the Scaris line.  Still, it's still strange to me that there would be all this hype (including being in the latest Justice flyer) with the stuff coming next month, only to wait until next year for a release.

Anastasia said:

This doesn't make any sense to me. Why would they build up all this anticipation for something only to not let it out until 2014? I just don't understand this.

I'd also bet they may be exclusive to Justice for 2013.

Well have any of you guys thought that maybe something went wrong during production?
Like what if some stuff accidentally got switched out?or the dolls didn't pass quality control and now they have to be re-done

I am agree with Triumvirate, we have seen this with MH, the same company, so maybe the official release is 2014 but christmas time will be very predictible for an early release, and the rest of the summer and fall they will be working to make more fans for gain more buyers. July it is Too early Dont you think? maybe we all know about EAH since months ago cause the internet and forums or tumblr, trademarks and so on, but millions of little girls (Potential buyers) they do not know about EAH yet or they are just knowing the franchise.They need to release meerchandise ,advertising  for lil girls to know appe white and raven queen... and well i was a little upset for this stuff about 2014 but it is necessari for thoose who wants EAH to be a great succes... just my opinion

If it won't hit stores in the US, then people will order elsewhere. So when they do come out in the US most will already have them, then they will just sit on the shelves. Not a smart move, but Canada is doing really well on new stock, I'll have to suck up the overprice-ness here and pick up a few if the US is going to continue to lag behind

This I agree with! Good point! They may not be available to anyone but Justice in 2013.

Valerie Malone said:

I'd also bet they may be exclusive to Justice for 2013.

That doll genie post was wrong ever after high dolls are out now in the u.s at justice

Not sure if i care for these anyway!

I love my Monster High!

*facepalm* Please. A mod to remove this please.

I thought there was already a thread about this weeks ago. Clearly it was a lie since they have been found in stores already

well they just were found in stores the past 2 days and this thread was started over a week ago so maybe this is the same thread i just responded today cause my Justice got them in today

Just goes to show, supposed "insider info" means very little.


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