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It's finally time to pass along all my dolls to those who will love them more than I do.  It's not fair for them to be stored away in Rubbermaid coffins.  I've been a MH collector since the beginning.  It's been a fun 6 years!  I'll likely list these on eBay for simplicity's sake.  Here is an idea of what I have:

New in Box:

Signature - Frankie, Draculaura, Lagoona, Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Holt, Cleo/Deuce, Spectra, Abbey, Toralei, Operetta, Invisi Billy

Every Spectra imaginable - Signature, Dot Dead Georgeous, 13 Wishes, Dot Dead Gorgeous, Haunted, Ghoul Sports, Ghoul Spirit, all her fashion packs, her bed, her plushie, her pet's plushie, and all the other ones I can't think of

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives - Grey-scale Frankie, Deadfast Ghoulia, Scarah/HooDude, Webarella, Iris/Manny, Whisp/Valentine, Robecca/dad, Ghostbusters Frankie, and any others I may have forgotten

2 Packs - Forbitten Love Clawd/Draculaura, Wheel Love Lagoona/Gil, Zombie Love Ghoulia/Slo Mo, Paris Love Rochelle/Garrott, and some others I can't remember

I'd like to use this thread to facilitate interest, so please let me know if you have any questions.  My eBay ID is butzdc.  US seller.  Thanks!

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How much are the prices for the signatures?

I would start the auctions at $25, maybe $50 for the rarer ones.

hello im interisted in the SDCC dolls (besides the robecca and hexikiah i just need the diary for them lol) also any fashion pack im interisted in :)

I'm starting to list my collection on eBay!  Comment with questions!

i hope you offer combind shipping :) you have a cupple so far ide like :) i hope your listing more though buy it now listings would be better then auctions 

I certainly would combine shipping. Once this wave ends I'll see about doing more buy it nows :)


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