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I have noticed A LOT of people saying some doll brands are knock offs or rip offs of Monster High. Of course, they kind of are rip-offs, but if you really think about it, it's just some company trying to get money, they probably barely ever get any money, compared to Mattel. I think that Novi stars and Bratzillas, are not rip-offs of MH. i mean, come on now. look how many MH dolls Mattel has made. also, there are a lot of negative things about the other dolls, like how their arms don't move, or their head falls off, or whatever. MH doesn't do that crap. Do you agree?

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XD I love looking at knock offs like these. It's entertaining.

This has been covered already. Someone graciously posted definitions of knock offs, bootlegs, and competitor. Bratzillas, and novi stars are competitors. And there will always be competitors in just about everything, so ya gotta expect it. Nobunny corners the market for very long.


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