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Ever have literal dreams about cool dolls that don't exist, Monster High or otherwise?


Have you ever had literal dreams (Dreams during sleep) about really cool dolls (Monster High, or otherwise) that don't exist? If so, feel free to post them here.

I recently dreamed about two different Disney dolls that currently don't exist:

1.) I was in a store, and there were a few different "Frozen" Kristoff dolls, but one was a really special, super large one, dressed in a super deluxe version of his original outfit (Maybe even real fur). It was almost like he was mechanical in some way, too.

2.) I dreamed about a Barbie doll that arrived with a "Toy Story" Jessie hand puppet, which was actually kind of larger than the doll's hand; it was almost as though it was intended for the customer's hand.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I dream about dolls all the time but forget most of the details when I wake up lol

I see outfits, hair and makeup that don't exist in real life

I've had that happen to thou done of mine do cone true and some don't. 

I once had a dream about Bratz there was an entire circus themed line that came with a tent playset that came with a strong man and a bearded lady dolls, there bratz dolls that came in different circus themed outfits, girls and boys the line was at a supermarket in the UK called tesco and was exclusive to the store, 2 years later MH came out with Freak Du Chic. 

I also had a dream about a Monster High and Ever After crossover line, each doll came in a 2 pack one MH one EAH, they all came with diaries that told a bit of their stories and the box had an add for the upcoming DVD so it must have been a movie, the box art was split with half MH and half EAH design. 

while on the subject of MH, dose anybody remember Pinkie cooper? that very weird dog humanoid line? well I had a dream there was a MH 2 pack of Toralei that came with a dog that looked like one of the Pinkie cooper dolls and I think the outfit was exactly the same as one of the dolls wore. 



That sounds cool, not a cat and Thrifty.

I love that MH / EAH idea, Jesy. I remember Pinky Cooper, too, but, unfortunately, I never got any of those dolls.  :(

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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