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This is an Ever After High roleplay and everyones welcome 

The Scene is at the school and u can be creative and no one will judged on the ideas cause we will put them all together so it is more funny


1 please no fighting

2 dont tease people

3 dont spam or use mean words u may only use : piss,damn and ass NOTHING ELSE oh and crap

My character will be maddie so here are the open characters and if 2 want the same one then they can each have turn being that


Apple white (american  girl lover) 

Raven Queen (UnknownBlackMonster)

Briar Beauty (Rochelle) 

Ashlyn Ella (Allstar)

Cedar wood (Alice)

Cerise hood ( Avril Dravenport)

Prince hoppington

Prince Daring

Prince Dexter charming ( Skritch Mind) 

Kitty Cheshire (Mh Craft Chic) 

Lizzy Hearts (Dracula Do or Die)

when someone books a character they will be written in brackets next to the name 

Please join and Enjoy urselves any questions please ask thankies 

The roleplay will start when at least 5 people have chosen characters Ocs are more than welcome

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(Sorry, I was a little late.)

*notices she's late* I guess I slept a little too late. *yawns and walks to her dorm room*

May I Be Cedar Wood

I smile and walk into the school. "Hey everybody! sorry im late." I said as I batted my lashes and flipped my hair.

"Headmaster Grimm won't like that, I mean he does have a soft spot for you and everything but, your still late and the school handbook says that tardiness will not be excepted and- Oh, sorry shutting up now." I yammered on.

Maddie: LATE LATE??!! 

maddie: LATE...TEA....TEA TIME!!! *pulls out tea set*


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