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Okay, I was kind of buying it until it got to the 'Scooter Queen' part. Scooter Queen? Bicycle Queen? Scooter advice in Riddleish? Who is Tiger Snowman??? Oh lord, if that is for real, then I give up. X__X

wtf that looks like a 4 year old wrote it. OH GOD tHe SCOOTER AdvICE

Scooter queen,young and sweet,only 17!


Haha, I'm cracking up!

Epic Winter AshlynnBriar and Blondie are in stock on

Gah! their faces! whats wrong with their necks?! I might just pick up Blondie b/c I think her outfit is adorbs and no molded leggings!

oh yeah I bet parents are gonna love the Sparkilizer, glitter all over the house!

Twyla looks so good lmao

Twyla looks bad, haha


I know she's kinda Abbey colored but there's something about her that makes her look unwell to me. I can't put my finger on it.....


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