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ew moulded leggings, i'm dying inside.

Just.. no Mattel. No.

Dashing finally gets a doll and i'm... underwhelmed. Same sculpt as always, he is quite literally just Alistair in a different outfit which is crazy disappointing. Come on Mattel, not even a grin sculpt here? Of all characters who should have a creepy white toothy grin, here he is but nope.. Alistair in a stupid fluffy collar.

Why is he with Rosabella? That boy gets around don't he?

And oh my god Crystal just... EAH does MH again. Laaaaaameeeeeee. She looks like a cross between abbey and twyla.

Crystal looks like a humanized version of MH's Twyla and Apple reminds me of Chanel Oberlin, the mean-spirited bitch from "Scream Queens", lol.

Apple wishes :P

Ha! Ha! Ha!

She can keep wishing... because Denise Hemphill will not come a-runnin, lol!

Well I like that these faces are shaped instead of giant flat owl faces..

but that is NOT Daring! IMposter! that kid looks 12!

I've always found Winter themed dolls difficult to buy, not that they are in short supply, but they're always so... snow-y? I've never even seen snow! It doesn't snow in my area, never has! I just can't get into them because of this, they're nice and I'd like 1 or 2, but me and Winter dolls have never mixed well.

This makes me feel so awkward, ^^;

On a better note, Maddie is really nice, and expressive too!

They either need to learn how to do expressions right or just stop trying. Molded leggings, another huge, cheap NO.

Their Rip Off train has been super slow. Frozen has been out for years and they're just getting around to making an Elsa Snow Queen daughter for the EAH side?

So is "Where Princesses Are Powerful!" part of the Monster High reboot? Cutting off the girl power vs. princess problem at the pass? Just curious.

Also, I was trying to figure out why Farrah was in the "Winter Sparklizer"

Apple still looks like she's going to eat my soul.....

Crystal is so underwhelming, she looks so derivative of like 2 or 3 previous MH dolls(Twyla, Abbey and Vandala)!

I love winter themes but the molded leggings are a real turn -off. Its especially lame how they put all that fur trim on Briar's outfit but dont bother to make her muff actual fur. I do love the Blondie doll's outfit though...very cute.

I actually love Briar's new face mold

Me too.

It really makes her look gorgeous.

Rosabella is an ugly, frumpy monster.

Daring looks just like Alistair, boo. I wanted a different face mold! 

I'm not too much of a fan of these new grinning face sculpts, they look a bit creepy to me. I kinda like Blondie, but it's more the outfit than anything. If they changed her face too I don't think I'm going to bother.


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