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Yesterday's post: "This next Forever After Reveal is a bit of a straight shooter when it comes to matters of the heart. Hex back soon to see her finally step out of the wings and into the spotlight."

Today's full Reveal via Ever After High Mexico facebook page!

She still has hearts in her eyes and comes with a bow and set of arrows! Personally, I prefer this Cupid. Not sure what the description says since I'm a little rusty with my Spanish. 

"El amor puede ser ciego, pero Cupid sabe que nunca está de más guardar un fabuloso atuendo listo para una cita, como este." (Love may be blind, but Cupid knows that it never hurts to save a fabulous outfit ready for a date like this.) Translation is via Google.

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She looks great! Like her better than the MH version, even though I don't like the round faces of EAH all that much. I really like the details of her wings! Agree with Trium that she doesn't look like the same character anymore though. 

I'm not a fan so far, but it may be the awkward posing they chose for this image turning me off.  I thought EAH Cupid was supposed to be much paler than the doll turned out, and everything looks a bit frumpy.

I was looking forward to C.A. Cupid so very much. I'm disappointed. She should be as pale as Apple and she doesn't look very youthful to me. Cupid was the one doll I couldn't wait to see now I'm really let down.

She's not as cute as I had hoped but husband likes her. He's the EAH obsessive heh. I prefer her animated version and I can't help but feel the EAH dolls lose a little in translation to doll form.

Still, she's cute and will be an interesting counterpoint to my MH version. They can hang out together on the shelf lol. I hope she looks a bit better irl though, yes she should be pale damnit!

If the second wave end up on sale as fast as the first wave, i'll pick them up but their £20 price point is a bit painful for me.

For the most part, I like her!! I do agree with the fact that she should be pale though. I can't wait to see what she looks like in person. 

she looks soft

Her outfit, accessories, shoes and hair are perfect.

However, the face...not as nice as I expected. Then again, the final dolls for the first editions were different to the promo pics. Ashlynn's promo pic wasn't the best, but I love her final doll.

And again with the letters...seriously.

While I wish she was more pale I think she looks sweet and I love love her outfit, wings, and the fact that she comes with a bow and arrow!

I hope she comes out for the holidays !
I'm so tired of all the EAH girls looking exactly the same(having the exact samd face!) Although Cupid is cute, she looks like Apple white in a pink wig!

Super excited! I wish she was paler too, at least as pale as Apple or Raven. Who knows, the final products sometimes come out different than the promos due to lighting. So it's a wait and see. I'll be getting her regardless. Her skirt looks a bit frumpy but I'm loving everything else about her.

I think if she was paler and had a slimmer head she would be fantastic but she looks so similar to all the other EAH dolls too me also if she had a slight smile like this picture she would look so much better in my opinion

Yes! I love love that picture of her!!!


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