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I'm way too old for these, but I love the EAH characters and the story's overall setup so much that I'll probably be picking these books up. *hangs head in shame*

I want them so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sadly I don't have a kindle so i wont get to see most of these :(
Yay I preordered the two excerpts for free.

I ordered the two free ones. They don't download until July 30th though.

I don't have a kindle so i will wait for the library i was able to borrow all 6 of the monster high books there is going to be seven monster high books but the last one isn't out yet. I am sure the library will get the ever after books too. I am also sure the kindle books will be in print form. Hey i wonder if the apple and raven story books are the same as the stories inside the bookmarks the dolls come with.


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