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European MH lovers...good news... I found in Italy 13 Wishes dolls, Ghouls Night Out, Abbey & Heath and Draculaura+Die-ner

I paid my visit to the usual small video games store and found all the above mentioned dolls, and I bought Abbey&Heath (39,99 €) and Gigi Grant (26 €). Twyla dolls were all sold out but a new box should arrive soon...
so...start your hunt...the dolls are coming :-D


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Yay! That's good news! Hopefully Abbey & Heath will show up in Greece too. :)

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! sei te quella che mi ha comprato il pack di Heath e Abbey allora!!!
ho capito dove sei andata :D

per fortuna me ne hanno ordinato un altro

(I just said to her in Italian that she's the one who get to the store before me! :P)

Great news, thanks for sharing!

Great! I hope they arrive here for my birthday!


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