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The spanish winner Will receive exclusive doll "Gibia" by MATTEL,
the English winner Will receive exclusive doll "MacGi" by MATTEL,
the portuguese winner Will receive exclusive doll "Lagoona Esquelética" by MATTEL,
the german winner Will receive exclusive doll "Melissa Plant" by MATTEL,
the french winner (It's me! ^^) Will receive exclusive doll "Irbis Snow" by MATTEL.

More informations at :
+ Mindose at :

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Wait what was the contest?
I don't get itost of these look like OCS but they're supposed to be fusions right?
Well,whatever the theme was,congratulations to the winners!

Your doll looks great, congratulations! Post pictures when she arrives!

Contest Rules:
create your avatar (color, style hybrid -tail, wings, horn, ...-, head tattoos, piercings / scars, eyes, mouth, hair, legs, tops, bottoms, shoes, handbags, jewelry, hat accessories).

Merge your avatar with one of the 12 characters available (only the merger with Gigi allowed to keep a new hairstyle).

Give it a name and put online creation for votes.

Congratulations! Please post pics when you receive your doll :D

And I agree with Triumvirate, Mattel should really offer that! It gives everyone the option to have an OC officially made by Mattel, how cool is that?!

According to the contest rules "Fusion Monstrueuse":
Winners must respond to an email to confirm prices.
Beyond 5 days, if the organizers MATTEL France/Spain do not receive this email back, prices will be considered null and void.
Prizes will be mailed within a period of one month. To create the merged (1st prize), it is expected within 6 months.
So I give you appointment in ... six months for pictures ^^

That is a long wait indeed, but I'm sure once you'll have your doll it was well worth the wait :)

Then we'll see the pics in six months then :)

CORRECTION Results of Monster High Contest 2014 "Freaky Fusion" :

« Terms and conditions for the Monster High "Freaky Fusion" promotion :
The 25 users whose Freaky Fusion avatars receive the most votes will reach the final of the competition. Of these 25 finalists, Mattel's jury will select the final winner and 5 runner up prize winners. »

Thus, the result I announced previously is wrong. Winning mergers for the most unknown because only the name of winners are on Monster High sites but not their pseunonymes or the name of their creations.
Only Storygi of Eneko Chasco (Spain) is enabled. For France, one of my 3 creations won but which one ? Irbis Snow, Trishna Indoo or Gulia Stone? The discovery of the settlement enchants me because it is not necessarily the merger with the most votes prevails; surprise remains intact! (Anyway I love them so all three and I trust the creators of dreams that is MATTEL).
I would like to thank the MATTEL jury for choosing one of my creations among the 25 selected !


2015 JULY : Story, the spanish winner, received his doll Storygi !

Source : (his blog, more pics)

2016 MARSH : I received (finally ! ^^) my doll Irbis Snow for my french participation !

I'm in love with her !!! I'll probably deboxed her ... :)

After Toralei Stripe, Catia Morais, Meowlody, PurrsephoneCAM Cat-girl, Catrine DeMew and Catty Noir, a new Werecat : Irbis Snow.

We don't see very well on photos, she has a Skullette on her hairband and on leggings ;}


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