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Entire loose collection for sale - practically every doll, every line, Wave 1's, multiples - and New in Box Rare and SDCC

Hi all,
My daughter has decided to sell her loose doll collection and just focus on select, new in box dolls. I have been on this site for over 2 years and have excellent feedback. If you know me, you know that we have a lot of dolls. I have been buying loose collections, new in box, etc. So we have multiple versions of many of the dolls. If we have duplicates, I have tried to put together the best one with all accessories, the next best with most accessories, etc.

All shipments originate near Chicago, IL, USA.

I put the detailed photos into a Flickr account so you can see high res images.

Loose Dolls:

  • If my asking price is too high, then please make an offer.
  • Please list your item numbers together and make an offer.
  • I will be most flexible on pricing for many of the more recent lines of dolls, as well as for anyone buying 3 or more.
  • If you see accessories in 223 that go with the doll your interested in, let me know. We tried to match them up as best we could but it was a lot of work and we did have several pieces left over.
  • Stands can be added for $3, as long as I still have them. I have many black stands and a few colored stands. If the photo includes a stand, then that is included with that doll. I ran out of energy to try to figure out which dolls originally came with stands and what colors.

Dolls (New in Box):
DOTD 3-pack
DOTD Deuce
DOTD Cleo (original large box)
DOTD Ghoulia
DOTD Lagoona (original large box)
SDCC Webarella
SDCC Manny/Iris w/jacket
SDCC Cerise Wolf
Toralei Wave 1
Frankie Day at the Maul
Frankie School's Out
Lagoona Mad Science with Locker
Frankie Home Ick with Locker
Ghoulia Physical Deaducation with Locker
CAM Gargoyle Vampire Boys
Ghoulia Comic Book Fashion Pack
Holt Hyde Swim


All prices exclude shipping and Paypal fees. I prefer Paypal as a gift since there are no fees, but then you don't get any Buyer protection. If you want that insurance, then it is at your cost. I can also accept Chase Quickpay and American Express Bluebird (no fees).

In US,

  • 2 dolls or less, First Class Mail with tracking will be $3 total (bubble wrapped in a bubble mailer with accessories in a ziploc bag)
  • 3-7 dolls, Priority Mail with tracking will be $6 total (box)
  • 8+ dolls, Priority Mail with tracking will be $10 total (box)
  • New in box depends on item(s) and size, weight, and your zip code.
  • I'm not trying to profit off of shipping, just recover the costs.

New in box dolls will be carefully bubble wrapped in a box. I prefer to combine shipping since it means I am selling more items in one transaction.

I prefer to ship to US. I will ship international only if it is worth my time (a large purchase) and payment is by Paypal as a gift (no risk of me getting scammed).

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Hey! I was wondering if you had any 1st wave ghoulias left for sale. I've been trying to get one for the last year or so. Everyone has kind of fell through in the end. Send me a note when you can!

I do. Check my Flickr. Album 359, 117, 068, 064.

I am actually going to finish up my lagoona collection first before I get a ghoulia, but that is probably going to be in April or May since I am a only a few dolls away from having all of the dolls I want of lagoona.

Anyway, can I get 145 Lagoona Scaris and 049 Mad Science Lagoona. Can you also throw in a black stand for each doll? Also, I think the scaris lagoona comes with an extra pair of shoes and scarf if I remember correctly. If you can't find them, that is totally okay with me :D I am just trying to find the doll with her basic outfit without having to buy the two pack since I don't really care for Cleo. Sorry for getting back to you so late. I've been busy with work and forgot what email I used to sign up on this site with

Hi. Sorry for my delay, I didn't see your response because the site is grouping messages.
I will send you a friend request/private message to discuss the details.

Hi. I apologize to the person that just sent a friend request and a message. Unfortunately I hit accept and did not send you a reply. The website then added you into my collection of 150+ friends and I now have no idea your username. Please message me back.

"Would like to do a trade/sale with you. I am wanting 002 Lagoona Blue Plush. 161 Clawdeen Scaris and Clawdeen Wave 1."

My question is, which album are you interested in for Clawdeen Wave 1?

Is everything on the Flickr album as of now still available?

Yes. I have been updating Flickr as each doll sells by deleting the Album.

Hi! I'm interested in purchasing SDCC Ghoulia but wondering if you would be willing to sell it to me in payments?
Hi. I've had mixed results with payment plans and prefer not to offer them. It's a lot of record keeping, and when do I ship? Most people want the item after their first payment, I want to ship after I've been paid for all payments. My solution is to have the buyer complete the payment plan on their own and make the purchase with me when you have the full amount to pay.
Thats understandable. I definitely wasn't expecting for it to be shipped to me until after completing the payment plan, but I respect if you prefer not to. I will save up the money and then get back to you. Thanks for responding!


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