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- Monster High Geek Shriek Doll Case (Item #: MTCGG96A)

 - Monster High Original Ghouls Collection Doll Set (Item #: MTCGH18)

 - Monster High Boo York Boo York Doll Case (Item #: MTCHW57A)

 - Monster High Boo York Boo York Floatation Station Astrano (Item #: MTCHW58)

 - Monster High Dolls Gooliope Jellington Doll (Item #: MTCHW59)

 - Monster High Boo York Boo York Comet-Crossed Couple (Item #: MTCHW60)

 - Monster High Boo York Boo York Doll Case (Item #: MTCHW64A)

 - Monster High Freak du Chic Circus Rochelle Goyle Doll (Item #: MTCHW68)

 - Monster High Ghoul Fair Doll Case (Item #: MTCHW69A)

 - Monster High Fitness Doll Case (Item #: MTCHW74A)

Since most stores get cases in stock before them we should expect to see these popping up in the next few weeks.

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I can't wait!

Interesting we have two listings for boo york. presumably one is the budget line, the other is the new characters. Also interesting that Luna is listed as "goth moth" lol. Whut?

So expecting in May.. hmmm... that'd be the summer stock then, likely to hit the US June sort of time right?

Right now it's the calm ... before the flood !
46 dolls are waiting + set (no less !) :

Monster Exchange : Batsy Claro [CHL41], Isi Dawndancer [CJC61], Kjersti Trollson [CJC62], Finnegan Wake [CKT04] (?)
Geek Shriek : Ghoulia Yelps [CKD78], Catty Noir [CKD79], Gigi Grant [CKD80]
Boo York, Boo York : Frightseers [CHW57] : Clawdeen Wolf [CHW54], Draculaura [CHW55], Operetta [CHW56]
                                 City Schemes [CJF30] : Catty Noir, Nefera de Nile
                                 Comet-Crossed Couple : Cleo de Nile & Deuce Gorgon [CHW60]
                                 Gala Ghoulfriends [CHW64] : Mouscedes King [CHW61], Elle Eedee, Luna Mothews
                                 Astranova Floatation Station [CHW58]
Ghoul Fair [CHW69] : Howleen Wolf [CHW70], Elissabat [CHW71], Heath Burns [CHW72], Scarah Screams [CHW73]
Freak Du Chic [CHY01] : Frankie Stein, Honey Swamp, Toralei Stripe, Jinafire Long, Gooliope Jellington [CHW59]
                                      Rochelle Goyle Circus Scaregrounds? [CHW68]
Wheel Love : Lagoona Blue & Gillington 'Gil' Webber [CJC47]
I ♥ Accessories [CKD08] : Robecca Steam, Honey Swamp
Monster Fitness [CHW74] : Lagoona Blue [CHW75], Catrine DeMew [CHW76], Venus McFlytrap [CHW77]
Sweet 1600 : Draculaura Deluxe Doll [CHW66]
Large Dolls [DHC44] : Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf
Love's Not Dead : Ghoulia Yelps & Sloman 'Slo Mo' Mortavitch
I ♥ Fashion : Iris Clops
Fright-Mares : Pyxis Prepstockings, Pitch Firehoof, Bay Tidechaser, Frets Quartzmane
Deadluxe High School [CJF48]

I regret this "all or nothing" but when it's time for the "all" it's christmas before its time ! ^^

As the line "Gloom & Bloom" (Amanita), we may see at the end of Geek Shriek the most Geek of all the characters (still present in Haunted) :

I cross my fingers hard !!! (I named him Vigo Blinweird for this photomontage).

I squeeled at Vigo thinking it was real! I would but that in a heartbeat!

Hahaha, me too! When I see something like this, my first reaction is always 'Yay!' before realising it's fake/custom/photoshop :P

I would love this!  Great job on the mock-up … now if only this were true!

So can anyone order from this entertainment earth site?


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