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Hey everyone! I’m doing a series called “Next Top Doll Model” where you guys submit pictures of your model and compete against other models. I can’t wait for the first cycle! There are up to 20 spots available. Anyone can audition, but not everyone gets in. Each week, people will vote on which doll they think did  the best that week. The two dolls with the least amount of votes get eliminated. Each contestant will need to submit their pictures for the week before Thursday , or else they will be eliminated. NO EXCEPTIONS. Episodes come out once a week on Fridays.



1. Do not submit more or less than the amount of pictures required.


2. You must use the same doll through out the series. You cannot use different types of the same doll. For example, you cannot use a gloom beach Frankie one week and then use a dead tired Frankie another.


3. You must own the pictures. No stealing! If you do submit stolen pictures, I will announce to everyone that you stole and you will not be able to compete. So please do not steal!


4. All pictures must contain your model. Please DO NOT include any other dolls.


5. Your doll can be any type of doll you want. Gender does not matter.


6. Backgrounds are not always required, but are recommended. I use pieces of paper taped together. 


7. You will need to come up with a name for your doll. For example, if you enter a Draculaura doll, please do not say her name is Draculaura.  You will need to give her another name, since many people will want to used a Draculaura doll.


8. When you submit pictures, you need to include the doll's name and your youtube name or nick name.




This week you will be submitting two pictures of your model, a full body shot and a half body shot. You MUST use a white background. You can use pieces of white paper. This look can be achieved by laying the doll on the ground to take the picture. To submit pictures, you must send them to me or give me a link to where your pictures are uploaded at, If you post them on a site like flickR, you need to send me all the links with your pictures. Please submit your pictures by Wednesday September 20th. The first episode starts on the 22nd.



Some things I'm looking for in auditions.

1. All directions are followed.


2.The doll looks good in both shots.


3.The doll's pose must be a good one. No awkward poses, please.


4. Clarity and the quality of your pictures is very important! No blurry or grainy pictures!



Good luck everyone!   ; )

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Can their be different clothing? So you have to use the same doll for EVERY week?

Clothes can change. It must be the same doll every week

stil accepting entries ? :c got sidetracked with school. And wigs give my doll the advantage! Haha


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