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Does anyone else think that they should make enchantimals into fashion dolls? With monster high sized bodies? I feel like they would be so cute and people would buy them. What do you guys think?

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Maybe. It is difficult to know if they would sell. People are so obsessed with MGA stuff. I am not too sure especially because of the RH craze.

I quite like the Enchantimals. I have some I found in car boot sales. They are for a younger age group but I find them cute.

Ive always wished they were better made. I love the concept b/c Im a sucker for cute animals but you can see how much they go cheap and cut corners with these. Cheap looking tails, molded tops, ears that just FALL OUT!? O.o

Really? I have a few I found in boot sales. They are in excellent condition, hardly played with and with their pets. I had no problems with ears falling out! lol oh God!  Of course, they have molded tops. They are in the league of Chelsea's friends, designed for that age group. They are more original and a lot more interesting than Chelsea's friends.


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