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So....EAH is starting to grow on me in a big way. I got into the webisodes and now I kind of sort of want to get a doll....or two....or three. I tried my HARDEST to ignore its adorableness but I'm starting to cave. I have checked TRU and Wallymart online and no such luck in finding the dolls. Just wondering if they are out in Canada and if so, where can I find them??

Anyone else tried so so hard to hate EAH and become slowly brainwashed by their giant heads? lol.

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I'm not sure when 'Canada' will get the dolls, per-say, but I know here in US only the Justice stores have been selling them due to having exclusive rights to sell early. But the TRU, Walmarts, and Targets have had them start showing up, and according to their websites are available for pre-order shipping the end of this month. Amazon, (US and UK) say the same thing, that they can be pre-ordered and will start shipping end of this month. Hope this helps!

And yeah, I'm completely in love with this line too. Especially when I found out that Shannon Hale is not only writing the novels, but had a strong hand in the overall story of the line too. :)

Thanks Angelica!

Also in my search I have found them on the Sears Canada website! Possibly they are in stores there too for those of you looking!

I may have to go check this out today.


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