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Last night, I spotted EAH dolls at Walmart for the first time. Looked like about four cases of Royals- 8 Basic/Signature Briars, about half again as many Basic/Signature Apples, and two cases of Ashlynn and Hunter. The single-doll packs are priced at $19.95, the same as MH. The two-pack is $34.95. They were next to the Fairy Tale High dolls, and the difference was hilarious.

For reference, I'm in Oklahoma City.

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Thats so great!!!

Were they in the same lane as monster high or barbie? My Walmart has yet to get the fairy tale high. Which is fine by me but I'll be crushed if we don't get eah

Well, MH and Barbie are in different aisles in this particular Walmart. The EAH dolls are in the Barbie aisle. In another local Walmart, MH and Barbie share an aisle. So I'd just look up and down the pink aisles if you're interested. No telling where the clerk has stashed them if they've arrived in your area.

Thanks!! Sometimes my dad will look for me but he is impatient and won't spend loads of time so I like to give him an idea of where to look :)


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