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So today I was watching wookie warrior 23 on YouTube and noticed that one of their dolls looked like Lagoona from the Hydration Station... with her hair cut!!!   I am not getting a Hydration Station anytime soon... but if I get her... should I cut her hair ... and  I am only getting 1 b/c I am not spending 100 for 2!  Also my sister said if she gets the hydration station she'll trade me the Lagoona 4 a liv, and the Hydration Station 4 a liv.  






PS. My sister gave me this account... she likes liv. I am the sister she mentioned who  was going 2 give her 2 Livs.... so hi!!!! :D

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The hair on DT Lagoona is short so maybe they took it out of the pony tail and boil washed it, which made it look like it had been cut, btw wat video was it?


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