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Apparently she's out already!

allmyghouls@tumblr posted this:

I thought not only was she supposed to be a Kmart exclusive, but she was supposed to be in a pack..and out at Christmas?! *Not that I mind, but I'ma have to find out where to find her.*

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She said on her tumblr that her mom works at mattel and her friend works at a toy store which is why they got the new dolls early.

But that DT abbey looks so cute! I am getting her!!

I really want her, does mattel give away dolls so far in advance though? if shes released at christmas but copys are leaking out now? I love thats shes packed separately, wasn't looking forward to having to buy a 3 pack xD

This is awesome news!!

Someone in the company may have them. Either way they are both way cool! I can't wait for the Roller Maze and I may or may not get Abbey.

Dead Tired is not just a Kmart Exclusive it's an economy collection. Kmart is the main store that will carry them, but other stores like Family Dollar, grocery stores, etc., should also have them. And the take 5 article was just generically calling them Christmas dolls. Any/All the dolls are the Exclusives for fall, so they should be available for Christmas but they will be no more Christmas then Roller Maze or Ghouls Rule.

Whether or not these dolls came from Mattel or toy store, that should mean that both Dead Tired and Roller Maze are on their way to store shelves -- Similar to 2011 Dead Tired dolls started showing up in June last year.

The ROLLER MAZE Abbey w/Ghoulia is the Kmart Exclusive NOT the DT Abbey. The DT Dolls were for pre order on Entertainmentearth so TD Abbye is NOT a Kmart Exclusive Roller Maze Abbey IS!

The art on Abbey's box:

From the same girl of course.

The back of the box:

can't wait.
shes so cute.

Adorable! I need all the new DT. Especially Abbey and Clawdeen :D

Dead Tired is an ingenious idea, and I'm glad to see it continuing. All the beds, the first wave of dolls, and the Hydration Station are totally awesome. This is a great way to stay in the High school theme from the perspective of a slightly younger audience with the "Sleep-Over" concept. It is way too cool that they have decided to carry the concept forward. It is also nice that the dolls are in the $10-15 range and not the $20-25 range that the other dolls are in, allowing fans with a tighter budget to enjoy purchasing their own dolls.

I hope they continue with this line, would be nice to see other characters get a dead tired outfit ^^


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