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So, Nobo, this is a one-on-one with you. Our characters are doing whatever. I don't really know yet XD 

But the RP has something to do with dreaming fabulous dreams! *coughhorrifyingcough*

I guess we can start off as a normal day in the park during summer....


Nektar's PoV~

Swish, swish, swish... 

The sounds of the lake in the park echo in my ears as I lay on the grass, relaxing. Days as beautiful as the present day are when I spend my time thinking about thoughts that no one would even care to hear about. My purple eyes flutter close as I feel myself begin to dose of, the lake water licking my feet gently, tickling them. 


Okay, love ya Nobo! XD

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Woo XD A one-on-one. Yaayyyy :3

Anyhoodle. I guess I'll just be Roiyaru.

(Obviously) Roiyaru's PoV~


As I lay on the roof of my castle –– now a useless museum –– staring at the clouds, I start to realize that I've spent a lot of time on the roof. It's so... peaceful up here. The chilly breeze, the chirping of birds, the lack of noisy tourists, the excellent view of England... It's amazing. I eventually feel extremely relaxed, and my eyelids get heavy. I decide to rest them for a bit, but as soon as I close my icy blue eyes I doze off.

((Why the Fahk did I write "dose"? Oh yeah, I told my sister she had to take another dose of medicine...))

I'm standing on a thin, giant, pedestal. It's as tall as a pillar, and looks just like one. Next to me is a small table, four chairs, and a teaset made of china set upon the wood. I take a seat in one of the chairs, and in the one next to me appears a small, brown Teddy bear. As I look down, I notice my body is much smaller, like a child's, and I'm wearing stockings and a dress. Miraculously, someone has put my hair in two pigtails, with weird little ribbons holding them up. I'd estimate my current age is around eight years old. "Strangeness peeking out of every corner..." I whisper, fingering my green hair.

((You should make Roiyaru's little sister be the owner of the teddy bear, and the tea party creator. And he pops up and is freaked the hell out. Cause they'll all look eight years old or whatever.))

(( XD Gosh, I figured you'd be asleep, Cami. That message was sent 42 minutes ago (or so it says, LOL)? It's about 8:50 here, so isn't it, like, 3 in the morning for you? And, XDD ))

I appear randomly on a thin pedestal. I glance to my right and see a little table and four seats, two of which are occupied by Nektar and a brown teddy bear. I notice that I feel... short, and look down. My body is much tinier. Confused as hell, I carefully sit down in one of the chairs. The teddy bear –– missing an eye and half of its leg –– stares back at me.

I lean towards Nektar and whisper, "What the bloody hell is going on here!?"

"Hello, brother. So glad you could make it. You too... whoever you are." my little sister, Victoria, says as she appears out of nowhere. Her light, curly hair dangles in her face as she smooths out the skirt of her pink dress. Teapots appear on the table. Victoria glances at me, then toys with my braid.

"You looked much better with brown hair, you know that?" she tells me. "It's such a shame that the water bleached your hair."

I slap her hand, annoyed. This is a really... bizarre ((That's SERIOUSLY how it's spelled? WTF XD I thought it was "bizzare". God. I can't spell.)) dream.

(( XD I was up for a long time, now it's 12 PM here. I just woke up. I was going to stay up a bit longer, probably until 6:30 AM when my mom comes back from work, but fell asleep by accident.))

"Uh...?" I say quietly, being completely clueless. "What am I doing here when it's clearly a sibling problem?" I want to say, but it strangely comes out in Russian. I guess the whole English language left with my age, too. Realizing I can only speak in my native language, I give up and slump back in my chair.


Nektar says something that I can't quite understand –– Russian, perhaps.

"Anyways." Victoria says, picking up a teapot and turning to face Nektar. "Tea?"

My first reaction is to naturally speak in Russian, to say "Da,". After a few seconds of considering, I decide to just say it in German, another language I knew a bit of as a child. "Ja," I reply, know she'll understand because it sounds very close to "Yeah." The boy looks stricken, and I don't recognize him from anywhere. 

((Remember, he saw her, but she never saw him. She always looked too late to see him. Also, in German the letter "J" is sounded like a "Y" just so there's no confusion."

((Yeah, I know XD ))

Victoria nods and hands Nektar a tea-filled cup. She puts another cup in front of the teddy bear (an extreme waste of tea, if you ask me), another one in front of me, and one for herself. She sits down and sips the tea, looking from Nektar to me, and back to Nektar again.


I pick up my cup carefully and sip from it. The flavor of the tea is a mystery to me, but it tastes kind of citrusy (is that even a word? I forgot.) with a hint of mint. It's awkward, sitting here with two people I don't know, and me being a forgeiner who can only speak the languages she knew as a child. Focusing my eyes on my teacup appears to be harder than I thought it to be. Especially since the girl is staring at me, almost expectantly. So I just quietly sip on the tea.

((Why did you leave me D: You were online then you left. Whyyyyyy. Oh wait, it's after 5 XD And no, I don't thing "citrusy" is a word. That's why it's underlined red XD Gaah I don't know how to reply. XD ))


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