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So I was stuck for ideas and decided to make an RP where your OC becomes a character from their favourite movie, tv show etc. So it's basically like a dream that they have blah, blah, blah, so I will be Maddi as the Mad Hatter, December as the March hair, Katie as the Chesire Cat and I'll begin in the comments! (note: this is not copied from Sadie, I just couldn't think of an idea for an RP.)

Like all RPs I will have some pretty basic rules.
• Ask before joining
• If someone is a character that you wanted your OC to be, please don't be rude
• you can not be a character that someone else is being
• Be nice to all participants

That's basically all, but before I go and do something else, I will list the characters that are taken and who by (the OC not the person).
Characters taken:
The Mad Hatter - Maddi Hatter
Chesire Cat - Katie Shire
The March Hare - December Hare
The Fire Princess - Sillhouette 'Sil' Swift (Rue Lockheart's OC)
Marty Mc Fly - Alexis Underworld
You can be as many characters as you can handle. To enter the RP, just state in the comments what OC you're going to be and what character they are going to be.

As I said before, I shall start in the comments!

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Ok, Ill be Silhouette 'Sil' Swift. She is a half vampire/half fire elemental thing so she'll be the Fire Princess from Adventure Time.

Ok, you are in! I'll add you to the list!

Your link doesnt lead to it.....and I never really looked at When Dreams can u plz explain what u are trying to say?

This is what she's talking about:
Though I'm not in Dreams, I do stalk it [I am best stalker of Dreams. 8D], and this reminds me a bunch of it.

Yes. Like what Maddy said. I am not in Dreams, but I did look at it once, and this is a lot like it.

It is a little like it but more The Wizard of Oz ans Alice in Wonderland kinda themed. And she clearly noted she was not copying from Sadie. Plus, nobody ever said anything about Adventure Time. (mostly I just want this to stay up so my OC can be the fire princess from Adventure Time....not pitching a fight but you guys always do stuff like this....:)

But this is almost like a direct rip-off a Dreams. First, they're dreaming. That happens in Dreams. The title of the RP is called Dreams on. The title of the original is When Dreams Collide.

The OC becomes a character from a book, movie, or TV show or video game. Same in When Dreams Collide. No duplicates of the same character is allowed in either RPs.

Sooooo? It means the people who aren't in Dreams can do something very similar to Dreams. Oh and I may join.

Heh, I suppose so, but this is completely based on Dreams, so you should reference Sadie in the first sentence.
I might join, since Dreams is moving slowly. Alexis as Marty McFly from Back to the Future/Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet? Shakespeare plays, anyone? (If Kenzi gets on, we're so doing Romeo and Juliet with Dawn and Admon.)

(( May I join with Sirius as Oberon - A Midsummer night's dream and  Joey as Peaseblossom - A Midsummer night's dream ))

KENZI'S IN! I never had the chance to be in when Dreams Collide, and Dawn is a great appreciator of Shakespeare..

So, I'm hoping Zena gets back online.. XD


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