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What kinds of things would you wish for in a dream Fashion pack?

I would love to see more shoes that were historical, like Victorian Granny Boots, or Cowboy Boots, or Marie Antoinette Slippers~ 

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"Marie Antoinette"-slippers would be slippers from the Roccoco era (sorry if you already knew that). I know I would love Baroque/Roccoco-inspired clothing, especially if the more complex versions of the look can be adjusted for comfortable modern daily use (because I'm not all that interested in another party-themed line, but I do love the concept of clothes as museum-worthy art). I'd also love some non-stereotypical fashion from over the world, as related to the characters' individual origins. And a winter-themed. There definitely needs to be a winter-themed line at one point.  

I would love some cowboy boots for my girl... I wonder if there is a way I can make some?

shoes and more shoes definitely!  but I would love to see more tights/stockings and some better belts.

Jewelry would be nice, hair acccessories. Just more fashion packs in general would be nice.

I would love a mega fashion/accessories pack, you know, 4 prs of shoes and 4 mix and match outfits. I'd love just an accessory pack as well, with extra journals, creepy picture frames, you know, stuff you can add to your monsters room to personalize them..maybe an emergency repair kit for Frankie's locker, ooh, maybe just some lockers...more Deadfast stuff for Ghoulia. A sticker roll with different pictures so we put them in the creepy picture frames...I've always loved the bits and pieces that come with the dolls so I'd love to see more of those in general..

Hear, hear, I second that!

Sweetpotato said:

Not actually accessories but I would love if Cupid and the Were cat sister came with pet. ^_^


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