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It was a bit hard, but I have been wanting to write a monster high isn't my best work, but let me know what you think!

I love how you have fangs..but faint at the mention of blood,
The world has it's expectations, but you defy them,

Not because you take a stand against the world itself,

But you are not afraid to be who you are..

The girl who in humble silence became a main character in her story.

The pink stripes in her hair dance in the wind,

As she dances to the music of the universe,

Without seeing the world is watching..judging,

But she rides the melody of the song of nature without shame.

She smiles in her simplistic happy world,

And I wouldn't have it any other way,

Before the knowledge of good and evil become an eternal part of her heart,

It sings the song we all sing when we were young and foolish.

I love your courageous fashion, that parades without a haughty heart,

You make pink and black its own thing, without giving the mirror a second glance,

Adorning yourself with the wishes and desires of your heart,

Fly high and be fabulous as your book unfolds past it's epilogue,

Through frozen chapters, and blazing pages,

Your fanged smile reveals the fierceness in us all...

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Its great Vy. It really is


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