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Draculaura Coffin Jewelery Box and doll buy 1 get 1 half off at kohls online

kohls has the  draculaura coffin jewelery box with dead tired doll on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off and coupon code augustgift will get you an additional 20% off plus free shipping.

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original price is $49.99

Thanks! With the discount and coupon both if them came to $59. No free shipping since it less that $75 but still good! Thank you!

I was wondering what store was going to carry that! I think it's an exclusive, though I could be wrong.

The sale forces everyone to buy two so I wonder if this will be plentiful or will sell out shortly.


Got it. Thanks!

Is this playset a Kohl's exclusive ?

This set is now on sale for $42.49 and you only have to buy 1. If you have a kohls charge you could get up to 30% off. I think this might be a kohls exclusive it is the only place I have seen it. not bad because kohl's always has coupons and also if you have any kohl's cash to use towards your purchase.

Ok, thanks. I think that there are fewer accessories than in the first version of the bed.

is the sale still going? I put two in the cart but I dont see the discount.

It is a new sale now for $42.49 you only have to buy one. you will also need to use a different coupon code since augustgift was only good for one day and is now expired. you can just google to get a coupon code but make sure it is good for anyone unless you have a kohls charge then you could take advantage of 30% off but you should be able to get atleast 15% off without a kohls charge.

Got mine in the mail yesterday :-) So happy to finally have it!


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