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So, in this roleplay we're well... downtown. Downtown consists of an outdoor mall, a small resturaunt, a salon, a clothing store, and a McScarnolds. You know the rules, let's start.


Electra had just walked out of McScarnolds holding a to go bag.

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"That," Felica said as she came back with the milkshake in hand," Was me, Felica Fright." After she gave Alexander his new milkshake she turned around to shake their hands."Pleased to meetcha."
"Thanks!" Alexander said, starting to drink the milkshake immediately. "The name's Alexander."

Alexis on on an EyePad(iPad) busking. She was filming herself, like usually, for a FrightTube video, which she was planning to title the video "The EyePad Street Musician(but not the first one)".


She was playing the virtual piano while following sheet music.

"No prob,"Felica smiled.  "And, um, if you don't mind me asking, who are you guys?"
"I just answered." Alexander said, sipping his drink.
Felica laughed,"No, not you! Them!"


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