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So, in this roleplay we're well... downtown. Downtown consists of an outdoor mall, a small resturaunt, a salon, a clothing store, and a McScarnolds. You know the rules, let's start.


Electra had just walked out of McScarnolds holding a to go bag.

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Electra scowled. "No, I don't think I have..."
"Hi!" Alexander said. "Pleased to meetcha!"
Electra lightened her frown, and started to walk off. "Alright, nice to meet you too..."
"What was that all about?" Alexander asked.

((As random as it may be, I'm coming into this here roleplay ^_^ As Felica Fright))

Felica strolled out of Howls and Nobles ((Which was in the mall)) with the latest Dead Fast comic and was engrossed in it as she walked down the sidewalk....until she kinda sorta bumped in to someone.  "Hey, I'm reading here!" she snapped. Then she saw she had interupted a group of monsters talking, which made her feel guilty for snapping. She only did it because people liked taking advantage of her not paying complete attention to where she was goingby tripping her.  "Whoops! Sorry, I should watch where I'm going, typically I can do both when walking and reading," she apologized.

Felica whirled around,"Oh! Hey, Vannie! I didn't see you back there."
"Hey!" Alexander said, being bowled over by someone rushing by, spilling his drink. "My milkshake....." He almost looked near tears now.

Felica spun around (again) to see that her clumsiness had once more caused problems (to her embarrasment),  "Aw, gosh! I am so sorry! I honeslyt have got to watch were I am going. Can I help you clean it up* or get you another?" she asked, feeling really guilty.


((*I don't know if it got on him or the ground...))

((On the ground.))


"That would be nice." Alexander said, taking his eyes of the stain on the ground, before kneeling down and cleaning it up.

((Ah, gottcha.))

"Ok then, you tell me what to do."

"Not much. Just get me another Strawberry Milkshake and it's fine." Alexander said, having cleaned up the spill.
"Sure thing! I'll be right back." And with that Felica walked on over to the McScarnolds and got in line.


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