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So, in this roleplay we're well... downtown. Downtown consists of an outdoor mall, a small resturaunt, a salon, a clothing store, and a McScarnolds. You know the rules, let's start.


Electra had just walked out of McScarnolds holding a to go bag.

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October Drakul strolls out of Hot Topic, the clothing store, with a few Gir t-Shirts and a new backpack, she likes to get ready for school to come early, for as being a vampire, she grows very slowly.

"Say about their food what you want, they make the best milkshakes in town."

Alexander said, going outside from the MacScarnolds with a large Strawberry Milkshake.

Electra eyed the boy suspicously. "Do I know you?"
"Probably not." Alexander said, grinning. "I just like to talk to people, even if I don't know them."
"Heh, you don't see many people around here like that." She said, still slightly suspicious.
"I know. Too bad, would make shopping a lot more fun." Alexander answered. "I mean, reaching out to people, getting to know them better.... expanding your horizon."
"I'm not into that. You never know who's gonna stab you in the back." Electra shrugged.
"Not me." Alexander said, taking another sip. "I'd never do such a thing."
"But you've got to admit many would." She said, frowning.
"You're too cynical." Alexander sighed. "I'm not going to admit many would because I don't think that's true."
"Maybe you didn't grow up the same way as me." She shrugged. "I was taught to never trust anyone I havent known very long."
"Probably not since I'm not your twin. But I have gained experience of the low points Humanity can reach...." Alexander said. "Still, that doesn't take away the fact that trust is something important. Innocent until proven guilty."


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