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hi everyone. I have been m.I.a for a while and have lost interest in my collection. my daughters are still collecting mh and eah. I dont want to hand my rares over to my kids as I think a collector would appreciate them more. I am looking to sell or trade off my rarer ones. off the top of my head I have dotd deuce, dotd draculaura, basic nefera, toralei, lagoona, ghoulia.. just to name a few. once I remember my way around the site I will add pictures. since I have no feedback in the situation of a trade I am willing to ship first and offer proof of shipping if you have postive feedback. until I have a reputation. I am mostly looking for ever after high dolls. I dont know their names or values so that doesnt matter. just ones my daughter will think are pretty. she wants the one with the bunny ears. as of yet she only has basic ashlyn and her bf, basic raven, the new blonde one that came with the dragon and the blonde charming girl one. for mh dolls... just the newer ones are fine. my daughter doesnt care about collector value. also I dont know if anyone here has zelf dolls but we collect those as well. thank you. if you are looking for any specific please just ask as I may have it

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pictures and prices please.


If I go to Walmart today, I'll try to get a picture of what we got in stock.  I'm sick as a dog right now and can't really remember to do much.  Off the top of my head we do have Bunny Blanc, the one with the bunny ears.  

which dolls were you interested in? im working on pictures

Not much, our EAH stock isn't great.  There's a couple on clearance I didn't get pics of, Thronecoming Blondie and a couple of Briars as well I believe.  Mostly interested in DOTD Deuce of the ones you've listed, how complete is he? 

He is missing his glasses. I have his rose and all of his clothes. I know at one point I had his icoffin but I have to double check.

pics please especially on Nefera 

Please be careful about shipping first in trade. You will likely have to until you have positive feedback, but initially I strongly recommend only transacting with highly reputable members to avoid being scammed. Good luck.
thank you for the advice. yes I only agree to this if the other party has good rep
I may be interested in lagoona and ghoulia. How much were you wanting for them?
And how complete are they?
lagoona is complete entirely. jewelery, flower.. everything. ghoulias glasses got broken and the headband is not longer attached to her head. id send it with her


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