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I'm going to sho you some of my favorite customs. None of these are mine.


Maria Curie

Lochturna Ness
Marvarella Jones
Zombie Elvis
Slow Moe
Thanks for looking!
Credit to:
Doctor Frankindesign

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ps i reckon the designer of theese 3 lochturna, marvella and maria shoudl be given a job with mattel they are amazeballs!

I'm just glad that Lochturna Ness isn't up for auction, or I might of had to splurge.

 wow!!! those are fantastic!!!! mattel needs to look into these asap!

i reallu love both of them and would love them but im in uk and not offerign internationla postage! boooooooo

Hi guys! Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I saw Marvilla and Maria on ebay before I posted this discusion. I was going to buy them, but they were one hundred and twenty dollars a piece, plus five dollars for shipping.


wierd wolf:

They really should hire her


P.S. If you go to the xvundrex link, you can see all of her costum work(Maria, Lochturna, etc.)  

The last one needs a new dress, as it is Cupids, I reckon the Slow Moe will be a doll soon.

i have an idea just like lochturna ness but mine isnt as cool as yours. and by the title, YOU ALREADY MADE THEN SO WHY ASK but they are REALLY awesome!!!!!!!


Ever since I saw her a while back she has been one of my absolute top favorite "wish Monster High would make this" dolls.

Out of this selection though, my favorites are Maria Curie, Elvis, and Slow Moe.

If/when Monster High actually mass produces Slow Moe, he had better look like this. It is perfectly like the cartoon.

I like the pets too!

These are actually all done by a site member called Vivgore. She does absolutely goregous work thats really unique and fits the MH style, when I first came across them I thought they were factory dolls lol. Maria Curie is actually the custom that got me into MH, I saw her and immediatly wanted to make my own OOAK's and ended up collecting as well as customizing. I used a pic of her (with permission from her creator of course) for a OOAK group I recently made on here called Crazy About Customizing. :D


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