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Has anyone else here had any issues with Dollyhair before? I ordered over $60 worth in merchandise around the 7th, and while I understand why it was shipped on the 15th, it hasn't even gotten here yet. It was supposed to be a 3-day shipping, and it's not. I live in the state right next to where it was shipped from, but for whatever reason, it got sent to Hawaii.

I've tried emailing her, but no response. Anyone else had similar issues?

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I also run a hobby of a customizing business, and I can also understand the frustration. She obviously needs to change the way she is doing things because I will not be buying hair from her again until the reports of bad orders and unhappy customers stops. =\ And may other people feel the same.

I don't want to risk starting a custom only for my order to arrive with either the wrong color, or half the hair I expected. I already had to deal with a blonde hank that only covered half a head. Fortunately I had ordered two, but I was not expecting it to cover that little, as it had never happened before.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely sympathize with your half of the problem as well. I'm sure it's frustrating having to explain to a customer that their commission can't be completed unless the third party does their part. I'm not saying "Order from her, or else!" XD I just wanted to be sure that voices from all sides of this are heard, and that everyone understands that dollyhair isn't some mega corporation that all of a sudden turned evil.

I do worry that a lot of bad-mouthing can discourage a small business owner from continuing future service, and you have to admit that selling doll hair is kind of an obscure thing to run a store for. I don't want to see her go down just because she encountered a tough time.

Quinn (○´・д・)ノ Lawson said:

I also run a hobby of a customizing business, and I can also understand the frustration. She obviously needs to change the way she is doing things because I will not be buying hair from her again until the reports of bad orders and unhappy customers stops. =\ And may other people feel the same.

I don't want to risk starting a custom only for my order to arrive with either the wrong color, or half the hair I expected. I already had to deal with a blonde hank that only covered half a head. Fortunately I had ordered two, but I was not expecting it to cover that little, as it had never happened before.

If this was the first time this was happening I would call it a fluke and easily explain it away. It is the first time that it has happened with MY order, but not the first time this has happened to other people. There are SO many people who have been burned with orders from her. There are people still sitting out there near the end of the 45 day PayPal claim period that have STILL not received anything and are out $70+ of money because of it. The wait and see method is at the end of its span with me. 

The old colors used to weigh about 16-18g. This was when according to Tina we were being given too much. I REALLY doubt I have been given TOO MUCH for over 5 years. This is something as a business owner you would notice because you would be running out of hair too quickly and you would, I assume, notice you were re-ordering spools too much. Again just an assumption---I own 2 buisness's myself. She says they are supposed to weigh around 11g. OK, fine and great. Then why are people getting hanks with 8-6g in them? She does the same thing for each one---right?

She'd e-mailed people telling them how she does it and in that e-mail she told the person (it is in the thread post on MLPA) that she spins "There are 24 strands on each spool, and for the My Little Pony hanks, each spool is spun 70 times."

But her response to the issue at hand? "So, for a My Little Pony hank, we use 2 spools of the same color, and these two spools, which comprise 48 strands of hair, are then spun around the machine 35 times. Therefore, 48 strands times 35 spins gives you a total of 1680 strands of hair." So we should be getting more hair than before?

And yes---someone DID count her strands in the lighter packages---"

From Tina---And, of course, it would be ridiculous for anyone to count the strands of hair in a My Little Pony hank and see if that number comes to 1680, but there's no reason why it shouldn't come to that number, or at least something close to that number.

874. Yes. I counted. That means I have HALF the hair you say is SUPPOSE to be in these bags. 874 strands is not anywhere near 1680 strands. So even with this reasoning, weight aside, I don't have what I paid for."

After this, we have had no further contact with her. No one has received a response to e-mails. Nothing. 

When you deal in a "small scale business"  if it becomes bigger than what you are expecting it is time to hire help or sell to someone who is willing to pick up the slack. It's bad business and looks greedy from any other perspective. If you are having personal issues? Close down for a little bit while it cools off. Don't keep accepting orders that you know you cannot fill or handle. Don't leave people hanging!!

I am going to have to raise my prices on customs dramatically if this is what I am going to expect with the small hanks. However I am only disappointed in the lack of size. I am more upset that is was shorted hanks I paid for!! Yes, I agree mistakes happen! Totally! But to leave your customers hanging with NO RESPONSE to e-mail for almost a month?? 

I am not trying to bad mouth Tina, I am trying to tell you my personal experience. I am BarbedDragon at the MLPA and you can even see in the thread, I am trying to defend her. Until I felt like all of my options were exhausted like many others. Until I realized that she really didn't seem to care from her response. I don't quite buy the "you have been receiving MORE than you paid for since I started doing hair" response. When people purchase hair and have been used to a certain amount for YEARS and then you give them 1/2 or LESS and say--"oh that was how it was supposed to be all along"? It's like buying a lb. of sugar and finding the bag 1/2 empty when you get it home. Would you be upset? Would you expect the manufacturer or retailer to work out a solution in a timely manner? I would. I would not expect to sit around for over a month wondering if they have even read your e-mail/PM/phone message. Would you be happy to purchase hair that a few months ago would re-hair an entire custom and then order the same amount only to receive something that would re-hair 1/2 or less? I used to have enough hair to re-hair a MLP regular factory length. I charged as such. Now I have hanks that wouldn't fully re-hair one at all. She states on her page one hank will re-hair a MLP to factory length. That has always been there. 

I just don't think this is right... at all. 

I think anyone she's not responding to should definitely open their claims. I wouldn't want to be out of money either. I would have noticed if the barbie hanks I ordered were slimmer than usual though :/ the dolls would probably be quite bald in places. I did read that she sent out some of the orders herself, while others were prepped by her assistant... though my bags did have the same "new handwriting" or "new marker" that others have mentioned.

I wouldn't want to assume that her answers were all to throw us off. I'm thinking maybe some packages were sent out with less hair and maybe she just didn't know about it? I'm sure the situation in her life isn't going to help her think 100% clearly. I agree with shutting down or at least putting up another notice like her delay ones. Maybe something is wrong with her machinery.

*sigh* I just feel badly and I really hope she sticks it out through this. I don't understand why some people's orders would arrive so quickly while others don't. And what the heck is up with the lower strand count? I agree that answers are needed...

Yikes, and New Years hasn't even passed yet. I imagine the holidays have at least had a little something to do with late responses.

I understand the issues she's going through -- I do, honestly. But I ordered my items on the 9th of December, and even though they were shipped on the 16th, they didn't get here until the 27th, which isn't the time listed. It shouldn't have taken that long at all, considering I'm in Arizona, while she's in California.

And I could have dealt with the time, if she had responded to ANY of my emails. I can't even count or weigh the hair, because I just started modding. I sent her three emails since the 21st, and even now I haven't gotten a single reply. I've looked and waited and it's just infuriating. Sure, I got a bracelet with it! Yay! That doesn't change the fact that, overall, she's handled this very poorly. This was my first time buying from her, and if this is a thing that happens often enough, I'm not sure I want to order from her again. Which sucks, because I really love the colors she has available!

But if there's a risk of me never getting those items, then her selection doesn't matter.

I really hope the doctor is right, life can get crummy sometimes and she may be going through a lot. I hope things smooth out for her soon because I honestly dont even like shopping on other hair sites due to their layouts. I sent her an email just asking if there was anything going on that i should be aware of.

Someone, that reroots customs for me DID at one time order from there, but had such bad luck, stopped ordering from Dollyhair. I never have ordered from there because of her experience.

She has stated she will be making up underweight hanks of you contact her again with your cart number and underweight hanks. She also said she probably won't be getting to old e-mails as well. She stated ANY ORDERS placed TODAY or after today will now weight approx 16G (allow slight variations of 1g) .,

I think her new response is much better, I hope she does follow through. 

It can't be denied that her business just went through a pretty rough patch, but I have faith in her. :)

This is good news.  I'm still waiting on an order from her, now I feel more positive about it. (placed on Dec 21st, but it does have to come all the way to Canada)  I really do want to keep ordering from her, so I hope her situation improves and the business gets back on track.  I've had no previous problems with ordering from her and the selection is so fantastic.

Tina replied to me as of yesterday. She would like everyone here to know that she IS going through old emails.

She is also sent out my missing hanks the day after she received my email about them.

Thanks for posting details for alternative sites. I'm new to customizing dolls and was planning on buying my supplies from Tina as her site is so informative and has great colour choices, but I'm nervous to buy from her especially because I'm in Australia. I don't want to have to wait months to recieve my order.
Does anyone else know of any sites that sell hair and paint for dolls as well as reroot tools?

mylittlezombie said:

I ordered a ton of hair from her over a month ago. I know she just put out new colors and expected a delay. It took 2 weeks to get my hair AFTER she made an announcement that she would be shipping on or around 12/2. That was fine. 


When I received my hair the hanks were much thinner. Not as much hair was in my hanks as before. I was missing 3 skeins of hair as well.

I also customize MLP. I was very disappointed. A thread was made on the MLP boards--Here is a link, thought it has been locked. Most people received 1/2 the hanks they are used to. And paid the same amount. I know how much hair goes in to MH dolls, so this is extremely upsetting.,316839.0.html


As of now, I have still received NO response from Tina other than in the above post. I have started a PayPal claim for my missing hanks, not even bothering to go into the small hanks issue. I escalated it after a week of no response. I've tried contacting her through e-mail MANY times, suggesting only a replacement of the hanks in my next order. However due to lack of ANY customer service whatsoever (and I am NOT the only one this is happening to) I will not be ordering again. I have given her hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money over the years and was a DollyHair tried and true supporter.  If this is how she decides to treat her customers, I'm over it.


I suggest you check out these sites for some GREAT hair:

Super silky monofiber, give this stuff a try as well as her normal hair. It's like brushing bunny hair. You won't stop playing with it.

HUGE amounts of hair. It's not as fine as DH but seriously very comparable. It may cost a little more per hank but you get almost 4 times the "normal" amount DH gives you.


Anywho---I hope that helps. Sorry to disappoint! I do highly recommend anyone having issues PLEASE file a PayPal or CC claim ASAP so you don't go over your claim time. You can push through from a dispute to a claim as soon as you make one. Hopefully at least some of us can get our money back. 



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