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Has anyone else here had any issues with Dollyhair before? I ordered over $60 worth in merchandise around the 7th, and while I understand why it was shipped on the 15th, it hasn't even gotten here yet. It was supposed to be a 3-day shipping, and it's not. I live in the state right next to where it was shipped from, but for whatever reason, it got sent to Hawaii.

I've tried emailing her, but no response. Anyone else had similar issues?

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I am SO sorry to hear that! I haven't ordered from Dollyhair, yet, but I think I'll be thinking twice now!

She seems to be having problems really recently, and I'm not sure why. My friend's order got totally messed up and hasn't heard back for 3 weeks after sending an email about it.

I'm really hoping she's okay, but if she's too tied up to be running the business properly, some notice would be appreciated.

Yeah, as far as I know she's been pretty reliable in the past. But I'm worried that my order will be shipped to the wrong place entirely at this point.

I ordered a ton of hair from her over a month ago. I know she just put out new colors and expected a delay. It took 2 weeks to get my hair AFTER she made an announcement that she would be shipping on or around 12/2. That was fine. 


When I received my hair the hanks were much thinner. Not as much hair was in my hanks as before. I was missing 3 skeins of hair as well.

I also customize MLP. I was very disappointed. A thread was made on the MLP boards--Here is a link, thought it has been locked. Most people received 1/2 the hanks they are used to. And paid the same amount. I know how much hair goes in to MH dolls, so this is extremely upsetting.,316839.0.html

As of now, I have still received NO response from Tina other than in the above post. I have started a PayPal claim for my missing hanks, not even bothering to go into the small hanks issue. I escalated it after a week of no response. I've tried contacting her through e-mail MANY times, suggesting only a replacement of the hanks in my next order. However due to lack of ANY customer service whatsoever (and I am NOT the only one this is happening to) I will not be ordering again. I have given her hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money over the years and was a DollyHair tried and true supporter.  If this is how she decides to treat her customers, I'm over it.

I suggest you check out these sites for some GREAT hair:

Super silky monofiber, give this stuff a try as well as her normal hair. It's like brushing bunny hair. You won't stop playing with it.

HUGE amounts of hair. It's not as fine as DH but seriously very comparable. It may cost a little more per hank but you get almost 4 times the "normal" amount DH gives you.

Anywho---I hope that helps. Sorry to disappoint! I do highly recommend anyone having issues PLEASE file a PayPal or CC claim ASAP so you don't go over your claim time. You can push through from a dispute to a claim as soon as you make one. Hopefully at least some of us can get our money back. 

Man this is terrible to hear. I've never had a problem with Tina and I've been ordering hair from her for four or five years now. It's always been the best selection of colors, to me.

I DID notice in my latest shipment that the hanks are a little less than usual. And with the size of MH heads, I really can't afford to be getting lesser hanks of hair.

Tina claims that the hank sizes that had been sent before were more than should have been sent, but that really isn't any consolation at all for those of us who root very generously. :(

Ya SavageLucy, me too. I've been doing customs and ONLY ordered hair from her since 2007. I have never had a problem, I know many others have had issues and when they have had them---it's been bad. I tried not to believe it when people said she would just disappear and thought they were just exaggerating. It doesn't seem to be the case. I received hair that was 1/2 weight of what she said is "Normal" in her response on that forum.   

ETA: I will take a photo later to give you some idea of the sizes. I have old hanks! I will then compare sizes from other companies. 

The reality of it is-- I ordered on 11/24. I received my hair on 12/8. I saw the 3 missing hanks and sent her an e-mail marked URGENT that day. I waited a week. I sent her another. I waited another week and opened a dispute. Waited a few more days and escalated a claim. I still have no response. I have tried to contact her repeatedly. 

This was hair I was in need of to finish a paying commission for a present for a customers friend. Thankfully I sourced some from another customiser. If I had not---I would STILL be waiting as I am now for any chance of a refund. I feel more sorry for the people who haven't even received their large volume orders YET. Plenty of those now to go around too!

I have a business to run like her. I don't care how small/big she says she is---that is not a good way to treat loyal customers. Or customers PERIOD. 

I have been on the defend Tina bus many times before---I'm over it. I'm done feeling sorry for every excuse she puts out there. She's hired help before, they always end up "not being there" every time something bad happens. It seems convenient. It's easy to close down shop for a few days to re-gather yourself, read e-mails, catch up. People do actually understand!! You'll lose a lot less customers to that than if you blatantly ignore them! 

Hello all - I wanted to chime in here and say that if you're having a problem with, you need to remain patient. I have had to wait a while for responses in the past as well, but she has never failed to respond to me and 100% fix my problems. Just be sure to have your issue clearly laid out with your order number, and especially if it's a busy time for her, take a deep breath and wait it out. I love working with her to make my customs and she has remained reliable to me. The quality and colors of the nylon hair she offers has kept me coming back for over a year. So, while I understand that shipping delays and order mix ups can be frustrating, we need to remember that she has a small home-based business, and she gets a LOT of orders.

She makes buying doll hair simple and affordable, and offers a great product. I am and will remain a loyal customer, but that's simply my opinion.

I'm sorry to hear that some of you have had awful experiences, but I've been ordering from her non-stop all this year and I suppose we're not seeing the same side.

*sigh* I might send her an e-mail and see what I can learn. I'm really concerned about what I'm reading here, and I just want to believe there's a better explanation. :/ color me naive.

No, she has a office that she works from, and if you read the post she made in that MLP arena thread, she responded there by saying no one is getting less than they should be, so her old assistant must have been the one giving them extra. 

She saw the thread full of people airing grievances about her not responding to emails for weeks at a time, and yes, she is having life problems right now, but she also admitted to being in her office daily yet still somehow allowing both incorrect orders to go out and simultaneously having no time to even open her email to see problems customers are having.

I know that life happens, but so do problems, and as a business owner she is doing a very bad job of handling it in a way that won't lose customers.

Edit: Has she ever taken over a month to respond to items completely missing from an order before?

After reading over all that MLP thread and her explanation, the picture looks like this: She started off with a small business, it became very popular, and obviously it wouldn't be popular unless she was doing something very right. Unfortunately she's going through something with her husband now, and the whole legal bandwagon is involved - she has changed assistants - and all of the new colors added to her site are brand new spools. Her old assistant may have been more generous with hanks. The new spools of hair may have a different thickness or smoothness than what she used to sell. And then on top of her trying to catch up with orders while dealing with life shattering legal business, she is swamped with all these e-mails of complaints. If she is in her office everyday, I suspect she would put getting out orders before catching up on e-mails, which I trust she WILL get to.

Again, we should recognize that while she may have an office and assistants, she still has a very small business, with a very small staff, and we can't expect her to have the same response time as ebay. (Her website has some info concerning all this, and should be looked over.) She has to handle EVERYTHING (maybe she should hire a customer service rep, lol!). On top of that, this small business being run by a singular, flawed (as we all are), human being, is running into trouble because the poor dear is having issues in her life, which obviously take priority over her online doll hair selling.

Some people have suggested that she update her website to be more clear on these subjects. I agree with that. Also perhaps, since her new hanks seem to be smaller than the ones she used to sell, her prices should either be lowered, OR she should make a public notice for return customers that the hanks have changed.

I'm confident that in the future she will deal with these issues accordingly. It's just a shame that all of this bad word-of-mouth is going around while she won't have the time to go chasing every bad comment on the internet to explain herself.

And I wanted to add that in the last month I have ordered two hanks of hair, both medium length barbie, and they were both shipped one week after they were ordered. They arrived safe and sound, all the right colors. They were sufficient enough to root the MH dolls they were intended for.

Your idea would make sense if it were only the new colors that people are being shorted. But it is things people have ordered multiple times that they are now receiving in smaller amounts than they used to.

Edit: And I really do need to add that completely ignoring all of your customers' emails, especially since she is very aware people are having problems with their orders, is completely unprofessional, and is something that can't be solved with just an, "I've been busy."

:/ Well, I run a little hobby of a "business" and can say from experience that balancing your life and your e-mails, along with the work that has to be done, is a tough one. I sympathize with her and probably better understand the difficulty she's having. Sure the problems aren't solved, but it's the truth. I doubt she's sitting around scratching her bum while everything is going to hell. Like I said it's more than likely a matter of her needing the time to catch up on everything. I doubt she's just hitting the "delete" button on her e-mails.

If after all is said and done though, and that IS the case, well then of course that's horrible. But like I said.. it's more than likely a matter of waiting.

Quinn (○´・д・)ノ Lawson said:

Your idea would make sense if it were only the new colors that people are being shorted. But it is things people have ordered multiple times that they are now receiving in smaller amounts than they used to.

Edit: And I really do need to add that completely ignoring all of your customers' emails, especially since she is very aware people are having problems with their orders, is completely unprofessional, and is something that can't be solved with just an, "I've been busy."


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