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The forum has been a bit inactive lately, so I thought I'd give it a friendly kick. :p  I'm sure the reboot has made a lot of people appreciate the older designs more.  Therefore:

Which Monster High (or Ever After High) dolls do you regret selling or giving away?

I was sorry I sold 'Scaris' Jinafire Long (her basic), and recently rebought her.  (I'm removing the red from her outfit because I don't like too many colours at once.  Then she'll be perfect! :D )  A fabulous design unlike anything they'd done before.

Same for 'Sweet Screams' Frankie -- I didn't appreciate her until I sold her.  And 'Sweet Screams' Draculaura: I'm in the process of adding white-striped rope-braids to her barnet and simplifying her bodice.  There is such a thing as too much pink.

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I don't regret selling any or giving any away (since I keep everything), but I do regret not getting certain ones when they were out for cheap and I didn't care. I bought Cleo and Jinafire from Gloom and Bloom initially but if I would've known how rare and expensive they would be I would've gotten several of them while I saw them marked down to 10 dollars at Target! Who would've known.

Well, personally, i didn't exactly parted with them, but i moved my dolls over to my boyfriend's house, and I don't know if I regret it or not.

My mother used to treat them like crap and some of them paid the cost, but now at my boyfriend's house, the new kitten keeps playing with them during the night and ruined all the hard work i did to bring back their fabulousness and all the work i did to their hair.

BUUUT as long at we keep them down (like, face down), the kitten doesnt seem to get interested by them so i guess it's a start?

Have you considered a really high shelf and hissing at her when you see her go for them? Clapping your hands and stamping can deter cats from undesirable behaviour but the best bet is to get things way out of reach of little bitey teeth and claws.

Maybe give her a doll of her own to chew on?

Talking about Gloom and Bloom Cleo and Jinafire, I do regret not buying them. They were reduced in Argos which makes me feel even worse! Also, I saw I Heart fashion Cleo in Toys r us and did not buy her either at the time. I thought she was too expensive! Oh well... Same applies to Sweet Screams Frankie and Draculaura. And River Styxx...

I never sold any of my dolls. I become attached to them even if I have found them in car boot sales or charity shops and they are not in perfect condition. So no regrets for this one, at least.

13 wishes Howleen I kinda regret because she was cute.

I regret selling on a few like dotd ghoulia and ghouls night out clawdeen but for the most part, i'm okay. I think I might have sold Scaris Jinafire too which I didn't feel bad about until I was writing my retrospective and remembered she'd been bought for me by husband when I was in hospital for the upteenth time during my last pregnancy.

I'd totally forgotten about that because he so seldom buys me things and I guess i'd blanked out those months of hospital misery out of trauma. It was a pretty awful time.

But I always found that Jinafire so angry looking. I mean she was seriously MAD about something. But I feel kinda bad about selling her when she was a get well soon gift.

There's a few I regret not buying when I had the chance too. Gloom and Bloom for instance, and I heart fashion Cleo who I think I only saw once, if at all.

All of my Bratz Dolls from 10 years ago and all of my childhood dolls, I wasn't in the right of mind and shamefully I wasn't being myself or proud of who I am, at the time I thought I was ok but I never really was, I was miserable and empty and I was depressed, I was not in the right frame of mind, but the past is the past, even though it's super hard to rely on second hand market sometimes I know that eventually I will have to get an Ebay to help me get everything back but I have managed to find a few things not a lot but it's a start, I was lucky enough to find one of my grails rock angelz Jade in pretty good condition just missing her second outfit and bits, thankfully I really have learned from my mistakes and to keep hold of everything, I will never sell or part with MH unless I've got doubles of something, I also regret not getting some certain ones too like basic Jackson I only saw him once and I decided not to get yet and I thought I might see him again I didn't know that I wouldn't and rare the boys were back then, I decided to just get Operetta but at least I got her basic version, and then there is dead tired Abbey which must have just been for christmas or old stock found but I left her to get some Bratzillaz and never saw her again opps, they were two bratzillaz I had trouble finding before and characters I hadn't yet got so yeah glad I found them, got a few second hand regrets but don't take a lot of money with me cause I don't know what's there.

Aww painful issue,um well I still regret I gave away my Cedar Wood Basic doll for Lagoona Blue basic  and I still heat my head in the wall! (well now not literally but you know what I mean but still regret it) I was interacting with a guy collector in a local site were I live and I was desperate for my fave doll (y see my avatar LOVE Lagoona) and this guy was into my Cedar doll and we decided to exchange them as I wanter Lagoona doll. Something were fishy why he would like a recent release then for a ultra rare 2009 Lagoona?! well we exchanged  after all. When the parcel arrived I wanted to kill myself. Doll was dirty,the body was too loose  even a MH doll ( I thought the doll will break apart,) hair was crappy with destroyed fringe and the fishnets from her shorts were destroyed. Kinda fixed the doll but is not the same. I still dont have a Cedar doll which is sad but I promised to myself to be more carefull in such "easy deals"

It seems to be a bit of an emotive issue, but I didn't mean to cause any offence -- thanks everyone for your contributions. :)
I definitely agree about 'Gloom & Bloom' Jinafire! I checked the stock at Argos when the line was released but I was only after Cleo (also magnificent), so I passed on Jinafire. Seriously regretted that since and bought her second-hand. Approximately every week I take her out and admire her.

I actually saw a stray 'I Love Fashion' Cleo in my local Toys'R'Us earlier this year but I already had her, so I just thought 'Hoorah, someone else will love her!' I hope someone did.

AkaStella10: Could you put pieces of orange peel amongst the dolls? I've heard that this repels cats (they don't like the citric smell), although I haven't tried it on mine. Maybe there are other things attracting the kitten, as well -- my cat is obsessed with plastic bags and just being high up, so she'd be all over my doll-shelves if I let her.

Thinking about it, the reason I did not buy Gloom and Bloom Cleo and Jinafire is because they had glue in the head! I used to be absolutely obsessed with glue seepage and so angry about it that I made sure I would not buy any more bloody glue heads out of principle. I was giving a good squeeze to everybody's heads in shops (very easy to do with the plastic boxes they had for Gloom and Bloom). The staff in Argos did not mind and one of them knew about the glue. I am still really pissed off with glue seepage so it makes my regrets not so terrible. I am convinced that these dolls exist in both versions, glue heads and glue free, most MH made in China do. Anyway, it really makes me laugh thinking about it now. What a tragic fate to end up being a glue head obsessed in need of help! Lol

I regret getting rid of my spectra and gloom beach clawdeen. Now I'm stuck with a two right handed clawdeen -.- I also regret selling my custom howleen for so low. She was my first custom and I was really proud of her and how hard I worked on her. My mom said that whenever I remove the dolls face and redo it that it looks ugly. So I thought she was right and got rid of my first howleen and first custom doll. I also threw away a wonk eye Gigi I customized to have a void eye thinking no one wants it and I shouldn't have given her a chance..
Picture Day Frankie & Scaris Rochelle


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