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Hi everyone, Ive decided to start a list database of dolls known to have glue seepage or bad frizzy hair issues to help us when we want to buy a certain doll.

these are all the dolls I own that have issues so far, please contribute if you like as well.

BTW if the doll is from China, please specify, as Im curious if its true that the dolls with problems are only from Indonesia. If you dont have the box it will say where the doll is from on the back of their torsos.

MODS: please dont remove this thread! its only meant to help us when we buy our dolls, thanks!

ALL dolls from Indonesia unless specified

1st Release Basic Ghoulia- glue seep

First Release DOTD Lagoona- frizzy hair

DOTD Draculaura- glue seep

GNO Spectra & Rochelle- glue seep

School Spirit Lagoona- glue seep

Kohls exclusive Operetta- glue seep

New Scaremester/Picture Day Lagoona-glue seep and frizzy hair

New Scaremester/Picture Day Katrine- glue seep

New Scaremester/Picture Day Katty- glue seep

ILF Scarah & Clawdeen- glue seep

Classroom Mad Science Lagoona 1st and 2nd edition- glue seep and frizzy hair

13 Wishes Gigi - Glue seep

FCA Lagoona - Glue seep

Target Exc sisters pack Clawdeen-glue seep

I heart shoes Cleo- glue seep

Swim line Rochelle- Seep

Scaris Rochelle and Clawdeen-  glue seep

Fearleading Meowlody and Purrsephone 3pk- glue Seep

Original Re-Release 6pk Lagoona - Frizzy (luckily it was just her with frizzy hair but Draculaura did come with her face sunken in the center had to buy another individual one)

Picture day Operetta- glue seepage (also has a terrible wonky eye and has the wrong eye patch with the heart)

Sweet 1600 Cupid- glue Seepage (I bought her off of ebay used but still intact with her old school hairdo so I kinda left it alone)

Haunted Spectra - glue seepage

Haunted Vandala-  glue Seepage  & Frizzy hair

Robecca Steam- glue seepage (Her seepage was so bad it had gone thru the packaging and stain the card board all the way thru. Boil it and curl it so far holding.)

Music Fest Clawdeen- frizzy hair

Monster Exchange Marisol - thin hair/bald spots

13 Wishes/Basic Twyla- glue seepage


Schools out Lagoona- glue seep

Jane boo little- Frizzy hair

Amanita Nightshade- Frizzy hair

Coffin Bean Robecca- frizzy hair


Actually, School's out Lagoona has a glue free version made in China and a glue head version made in Indonesia.

I was wondering if anybody else has a leaking first wave Lagoona?

Also, i am curious if anybody has any leaking reboot dolls.

They also have glue free versions and glue head versions of the same doll, and they do this with the dolls made in China.

I can add to the list dolls made in China available with a glue head and glue free version:

Cleo Creepateria

Dead tired and Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra (yes, I know it's crazy!)

All the Shrieck Wrecked dolls made in China have a glue free version and a glue head version

Schools out, some dolls are made in Indonesia

Freak Du Chic Clawdeen and Gloom and Bloom Cleo and Jinafire exist in both version too. I have 2 Clawdeens (I love that Clawdeen, so spectacular!) and one has a glue head. How awful!


Sorry, all the Dead Tired Spectra I have squeezed the heads had no glue. Dot Dead Gorgeous has 2 versions, with and without. And Signature Spectra has one version made in Indonesia with glue.


I have to mention the terrible seepage of EAH dolls. My first wave Madeline is leaking badly. When I lift her hair, I am horrified. I don't want to destroy the curls so I left her like that...for now. It puts me off buying EAH even second hand if they have a hard head. Luckily, I don't have many of them and it will probably stay that way. If they have a hard head, I will not buy them in car boot sales.

EAH dolls glue free:

Signature Ginger

Signature first release Lizzie

Faybelle (I am happy these 3 are glue free, they are some of my favourites!)

Getting fairest raven exists without glue, I have one.

Way to Wonderland kitty has glue free and glue heads versions too. She is still in box but I squeezed her head when I bought her (lol) I will definitely check her to make sure.

thanks Tula Shadowy!

UPDATE 2019 (glue leak)

Day at the Maul Draculaura (Indonesia)

Scaris Draculaura

Diner Draculaura

Catty Noir 13 wishes

Cleo dawn of the dance

Frankie Sweet 1600 (so bad leek)

2015 Re-release of Gloom Beach Frankie

Scaris Skelita

Art Class Skelita

Catty Noir New Scaremester

from Tula Shadowy

All the bloody original Gloom Beach line (Ghoulia is only leaking mildly. It is s a sort of miracle, I hope it will last.)

And Signature Nefera to add to the list too. Most of the original dolls made in Indonesia do leak (original Ghoulia has 2 versions, one made in Indonesia and one made in China. The doll made in China has no sign of glue seepage. Same for Spectra made in China).


Raven Queen and Briar beauty Legacy Day

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Interesting read. So we have to become chemists to solve the problem. Great!

Hello, mechagirl,

You can probably add Scaris Draculaura to the "Glue" list, because it sort of looks like the box liner is stained, and her hair certainly feels sticky in the back.   :(

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Oh God, no chemistry for me! LOL

I can confirm that Scaris Draculaura is leaking. I don't have her but I have seen a few leaking glue in boot sales. Damned.

The Dead Tired, Diner, Roadster Drac dolls have great hair and no glue. BUT I have seen several Diner Drac with glue heads leaking badly in car boot sales... sigh  I hope that NOT ALL the dolls exist with or without glue.

will do, thanks!

also adding Day at the Maul Draculaura, just noticed my boxed one has has a stained liner.

How horrible! I was checking the list and saw Cupid and Haunted Spectra were leaking glue. I have both these dolls and they are glue free. I have bought Cupid second hand from Ebay too.

A few more with glue seepage:

Catty Noir 13 wishes

Cleo dawn of the dance

Raven Queen and Briar beauty Legacy Day

Frankie Sweet 1600 (so bad leek)


You may as well add the 2015 Re-release of Gloom Beach Frankie to your list.   :(   NOOO! My "official" Frankie!

I was hurting the tips of my fingers so badly, though, pushing on the heads, in order to gain better access to the flippin' glue with the tweezers, that I am likely to not try that method again. It's too much work, especially since, after you've "rolled up your sleeves"....and declared that you're "not afraid of a little hard work," there are still clumps of stupid glue that won't even come out the first time, because it's like someone shoved some clay up into a thimble, and it hardened into a bolder that is now too freakin' big to leave by way of the base of the son of a bear thimble! NOOO!

The entire tip of one of my fingers was numb for a week! Stop the insanity, Mattel! For the love of Frankie Stein, please stop the insanity! I sometimes wish that I could have my family doctor analyze the contents of that glue, so that he could tell me what it's doing to people's skin!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I have Re-release Frankie too. I don't have the courage to check her yet.

The original Gloom Beach dolls were leaking glue like Hell. HELL.

So more to add: All the bloody original Gloom Beach line (Ghoulia is only leaking mildly. It is s a sort of miracle, I hope it will last.)

And Signature Nefera to add to the list too. Most of the original dolls made in Indonesia do leak (original Ghoulia has 2 versions, one made in Indonesia and one made in China. The doll made in China has no sign of glue seepage. Same for Spectra made in China).

I have forgotten Skelita... Scaris and Art Class suffer from glue seepage. Scaritage Skelita is ok for now but she has a glue head.

I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Can anyone tell me if DC hero girls are leaking glue? I am curious.

And Enchantimals? and do you have any reboot MH leaking glue?

Hello, Tula,

I have at least one DC Super Hero Girls doll that has a hard head.   :(    Sorry....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

A hard head does not mean the glue will necessary leak. I have older Ghoulias with very hard heads and no seepage. I had them for a long time, Dawn of the Dance (has so much glue she can hardly move her head down!) and Fear Leading. I have several other dolls with no seepage and their heads are full of glue. I hope it will stay that way!

Of course, a hard head is not a good sign... most of them have glue seepage! :-(

thanks! I'll add them to the list shortly. Really sad to read about more dolls leaking. I have so many boxed MH and EAH dolls that i just haven't had the time to open and check, really makes me worried. Ive thought of replacing some of them with loose nude dolls from eBay that are non-leakers, but again I just haven't had the time. I especially worry about my Spectra and catgirl dolls(Catty, Catrine and the twins, maybe Toralie) I don't think I have any that aren't known to be leakers. Gah!

I know what you mean. I buy most of my dolls second hand but I have a few still in their original box. I don't have enough space to display everything. I was checking a few stored dolls recently and found out some dolls were leaking. They stained the box and the tissue paper they are wrapped in. Not happy. I am worried to have them stored even if they are in my room.

Hopefully not all of them will leak even if they have a hard head.

Catty Noir 13 Wishes is leaking and Purrsephone stained my box. I have only one Catrine Gloom and Bloom. She has no glue so she is ok. Toralei Coffin bean and Freaky Field Trip have a hard head and no seepage. They were both bought from car boot sales or charity shops. I saw Catty Noir New Scaremester in a charity shop but I left her there because of the seepage. I don't have time to deal with more work to get rid of it. The cats are in a bad way I'm afraid. And most Spectras have hard heads. sigh...

I have read on a Youtube comment that TURPENOID natural brush cleaner is efficient to get rid of the glue syndrome. I will check my art shop to see if it is available in the UK. I have no time at the moment but I might try it in the future.

You might want to try it too. It might be a good option.

About Turpenoid natural... I have just read bad comments from artists using it. I prefer to warn anybody wishing to try it. I have the feeling it has to be used very carefully and it has to be rinsed extremely well.

I will not personally try it. I have enough problems with this glue issue. I don't want to take the risk of damaging my dolls face paint. I will carry on using the old talcum powder method! It is safe and cheap and has results.



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