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I am selling a big part of my collection to save money up to do some more repaints, if you want more close up pics let me know!

Not shipping over seas at the time, do not ask please.

Dolls and OOAKs:

Jinafire without arms and hair piece is $10.00

Custom doll:

Her base is a Nefera, she has had her legs replaced with cleo legs, letting her wear regular shoes. The legs are from the old fashion elastic type legs, so they are looser then the new legs type of legs, she has have tattooing painted on, and new eyes. Her hands have abby's claws super glued on, her hair is rooted. Price is $20

Green CAM body, I believe it is the Lab body, she has been sprayed painted with glow in the dark paint, and glows wonderfully, not sealed. She does not come with a head $15

Clawdeen body, no head or hand. She has a gold mark painted on her left arm, $8

Ice CAM repainted,  she will come with painted gorgon wig, blob girl dress, DotD ghoulia necklace and tights, on the back of the tights there is a slight hole. She will also come with basic Cleo belt and ghost girl CAM shoes: $25 (will get close up of face, her lips are original with fangs painted on.

Shoes and clothing

heath sneakers: $4  SOLD

Torali basic shoes: $4 SOLD

Altered Nefera shoes, snakes have been cut off: $2

Altered Bone CAM Shoes: $2 SOLD

Jinafire basic shoes: $4

Ghoulia Dawn of the Dance shoes: $5 SOLD

Altered Dawn of the Dance Daculara shoes: $2

Altered Basic Cleo shoes: $2 SOLD

Basic Cupid Shoes: $4

DotD Draculaura dress: $6 SOLD

Torali basic shirt: $3 SOLD

CAM Witch/Cat Shirt:$2

Nefera shirt and skirt: $6

Fankie gloom beach, 2 of them: $4 each

DotD Fankie dress: $6

Jinafire basic dress: $4

CAM Witch/Cat dress, 2 of them: $4 each

CAM Witch/Cat skirt: $2

CAM Siren shirt: $2

Dead Tired Cleo pants and shirt: $6

Cleo Basic shirt and body suite: $4

Lagoona's fins, all 4: $1 SOLD

Pile of Clawdeen earrings: $1 SOLD

Snow bite earrings, hair piece, and necklace: $3

Three bracelets (Duece's, SSBW Frankies, DotD Ghoulia): $1 SOLD

Frankie earrings, Gloom beach: $2

Cupid earring: $2

Laggona Basic: $2 SOLD

Abby, SS (?) : $2

Ghoulia SS: $2

LIV doll silver hoops: $1

Pile of random bits, Ghoulia DotD, BWSS Frankie, another frankie one, Nefera basic earring, Cleo earring.: $3 SOLD

Nefera purse: $4

DotD Draculara cuffs: $3

Scaris Catty Noir purse: $4

Basic Cleo phone: $2 SOLD

Duece glasses: $3 SOLD

Cleo basic purse: $4 SOLD

Frankie Gloom Beach purse, 2 of em: $2 each

Torali basic purse:  $4 SOLD

DT lamp thingy for Cleo: $2

Nefera belt: $3

Nefera head piece: $3

Clawdeen Icoffeen: $1 SOLD

Nefera pet: $4

Jinafire suitecase: $4

Lagoona basic purse: $3 SOLD

CAM bee wings: $2

Cupid purse: $4

Male CAM Siren hip thingy: $2

Holt Hyde Purse (?): $5 SOLD

DotD Clawdeen belt: $2

Catty Noir belt: $2

LIV doll glasses: $2

CAM Cat ears: $2

CAM Gorgon shoes: $3

Snow Bite shoes: $5

Duece Scaris bag: $4

CAM blob 'hair': $4

Gloom Beach frankie glasses: $2

CAM blob shoes: $3

CAM bee shoes: $3 SOLD

Duece basic Jacket: $5 SOLD

Duece scaris shirt: $4

Lagoona basic shorts, 2 of em: $3 each ONE SOLD

CAM witch dress, 2 of em: $3 each

Holt hyde pants: $8 SOLD

DotD Ghoulia dress without skull: $6 SOLD

Sweet 16 Clawdeen shirt: $3 SOLD

Lagoona Jacket: $4 SOLD

Lagoona basic shirt (?): $4 SOLD

Abby SS bathing suit: $3

Lagoona purse WITH pet (the other comes with out it): $8 SOLD

Ghoulia SS shoes: $4

Frankie Gloom beach wrap: $2

Abby SS wrap: $2

Duece scaris pants: $4

CAM Gorgon dress: $4

CAM Create a monster dress (pink sleeved and grey main part): $4

CAM Wigs, the long purple and black one has no wig peg: $5 each

CAM cat tails, 2 of em: $3

CAM Siren tail: $5

Pile of limbs, all of them are for $4, they are mostly regular arms, but a few CAM parts too.  SOLD

13 black stands $5 EACH

6 Colored, 1 green, 2 light pink, 1 hot pink, 1 yellow, one teal, $6 EACH

Boy stands, one green, one black $7 EACH

All Stands will be washed before shipping

I am open for trades, I am in search of theses dolls/parts

Howleen Body

Howleen Thirteen wishes boots

Cleo Head

Scarah I Heart Fashion, all items

Clawd, can be nude, but must be in good condition

Slow moe, doesn't need clothing

CAM boy gargoyle head

Music festival Venus shoes

Frankie Picture day shoes

Also other offers too!

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Interested in toralei and ghoulia dotd shoes if still available, appreciate your time!
Im loving your repaint. The only thing I have on your want list is a dotd cleo head :/

Updated with first batch of clothing.

Almost have everything posted, I have a few more customs, clothing, shoes and other stuff. Also stands!

I was planning about $4 each, I have both colored and black.

KK, I will take more pics tonight.

Updated! No stands yet, but will be posted.

Would you be willing to sell cupids dress separately from your custom? I'd like to buy cupid along with all of her accessories to fix her up:)

Truthfully? It depends, I don't have cupid armband or ring (One to many moves this year >.<) 

That's fine. I know that angelarcher has yet to open their sale thread but i saw photos of accessories so i could try to get that (along with the dress if you don't want to separate) definitely interested in cupid herself though. Could i get a closer photo of her? (Whenever you get the chance) also is her hair still up in the heart or is it down?

It never came with the heart, I think it was the second wave. Key word think, her hand pegs are black though.

Oooh..interesting. .i never figured out the difference between the 2 waves. .maybe that's it. I'm also interested in nefera's puppy chewed mine when I got her-_-


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