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Dolls I have/are in the mail and the ideas I have for them (plus trade offer)

  • Roller Maze Frankie Stein - No idea yet. Considering trading.
  • Dance Class Lagoona - I cut her hair so I’m going somewhere with it.
  • Picture day Cleo - Demon
  • Skelita - Started on a skull mask but I’m going to start over, No idea yet. Considering trading
  • Skull shores Cleo - Commission requested.
  • Skull shores Ghoulia - No idea yet.
  • Skull shores Draculaura - Thinking of making her blonde and starting from there. I’m thinking Marie Antoinette styled
  • Skull shores Clawdeen - No idea yet.
  • Skull shores Frankie Stein - No idea yet. Considering trading

Quiet honestly I will trade anyone both those Frankies for a Catrine or another Cleo or a Rochelle or Robecca steam or a CAM pack because she really is my least favorite. I will also trade Skelita but she will have no face up and probably no clothes. At best she will have her clothes and one or no shoes. If I trade you two frankies and skelita im expecting a Catrine and Cleo or something of equal value.  Is anyone interested?

On another note, I also do commissions. Is anyone interested in that?

*note: I will be recieving the skull shores ones in the mail more than likely by tomorrow or the next day. I will post pictures of those tomorrow, but for now, here is a time stamped picture of the frankie I do have and the skelita with the facepaint that I will be taking off.

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