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Hi all,
I was not as successful selling the loose dolls as I had hoped. I am pulling them down and some are going to Ebay. I had lots of interest, but communication stopped with a few people and clearly my asking prices were too high.


My trade wish list is for New in Box (NIB) only:

  • SDCC Webarella
  • Dawn of the Dance - all individual dolls including 3-pack, but especially Deuce and Lagoona.
  • Dead Tired Wave 1 Frankie
  • Dead Tired Wave 1 Cleo
  • SDCC Scarah and Hoodude
  • Gloom Beach 5-pack
  • Classroom Lagoona WITH Locker
  • Nefera
  • Wave 1 Lagoona
  • Wave 1 Ghoulia
  • Wave 1 Holt (with panel on both sides)

My priority is trading for my wish list. I will give priority to trading.

I am willing to sell as well. My sales prices will basically be referenced from Ebay, but discounted for Ebay fees and for non-mint condition (as appropriate). So please don't expect a steal and please don't waste my time and yours with low offers.


Shipping costs will be extra. I will ship international if you have excellent feedback. Tracking will be required.

Please refer to the doll/set that you are interested in by number (as needed for duplicates such as #1  / #2 and #6A / #6B).


#1. Jackson Jekyll. The box is damaged from shipping. The box is Swedish. The diary is NOT ENGLISH. He has a small smudge on his nose.

[$77+shipping] (On Ebay, Jackson has been selling NIB around $100. Loose around $70. So damaged box would be in between, say $85. Then less Ebay fees gets you to $77)

#2. Jackson Jekyll. The box is damaged from shipping. The box is Swedish. The diary is NOT ENGLISH.

[$77+shipping] (On Ebay, Jackson has been selling NIB around $100. Loose around $70. So damaged box would be in between, say $85. Then less Ebay fees gets you to $77)

#3. Toralei Wave 1. Box is mint. Box is European multi-language. Diary does NOT have English.

[$135+shipping] (On Ebay, she has been selling recently for $150. So less Ebay fees gets you to $135.)

#4. Clawd Wolf Sweet 1600. Box is mint. Box is European multi-language. Diary does NOT have English.

[$90+shipping] (On Ebay, he has been selling recently for $100. So less Ebay fees gets you to $90.)

#5. Clawdeen Wolf Wave 1 2012 re-release. Box is mint. Box is Spanish. Diary does NOT have English.


#6B. Ghoulia Yelps Deadfast Fashion Pack. The box is multi-language. In #6B, the action figure and card are loose and move around, but the box has never been opened. I could have opened it and put some tape on the back, but I have just left it as is.

[$50 + shipping]

#7. Frankie's Dead Tired Bed. Box is mint. Box is European multi-language.


#8. Draculaura's bed. This is the older one with the extra accessories rather than the current Kohl's exclusive with doll. Box is mint. Box is European multi-language.


#9. Clawd Wolf and Draculaura 2-pack. The box is damaged from shipping. The box is Spanish. The diaries are NOT ENGLISH. The box got wet at some point in transit and was received with water damage. Also, the MH logo on the front is damaged (see close-up). You can tell it is warped a little bit. This is really intended for someone who wants to open it.

[$81+shipping] (On Ebay, Forbitten Love has been selling for around $115 new, $75 loose, so in between would be $90. Less Ebay fees gets you to $81)

#10. Boy CAM pack, Gargoyle/Vampire Boy. Box is mint. Box is European multi-language.


Updated November 27.

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How much are you looking for for the Holt Hyde and Jackson Jeckyll?

I had to pick my jaw off the floor. Nice extras lol.
If toralei and hydration station pieces are for sale, how much are they?
Are the Gil's for sale? If do how much for one?

Hi there!  Would you consider selling stands?  I need so many of them.

Hi there! I'm interested in a basic cleo or a clawd! Let me know what you're looking for. I can do trades or purchase. I'll send a friend request!

Sent a message.
Sent a FR.
Will You sell some of Your boys?

Hi Ahra, I haven't set prices yet. I was hoping to trade first. I'll try to get prices up by the weekend.
Hi angelarcher. I replied to your message. I have the hydration station, too, not just the bits of clothing. I haven't opened the furniture box for the photos.
Hi Boomunki. I'm hoping to trade first, especially the Gil's.
Hi Torie, no stands for sale. I am guessing that I have fewer stands than dolls so I'll need to allocate accordingly.
Hi cleodeadnile. I replied to your message.
Hi Xannah. I replied to your message. Since you have Webarella and SDCC Scarah, you are first in line.
Hi Cece. I replied to your friend request. Let me know what you are interested in.
Hi Yulia. I will sell my boys, but I am hoping to trade first.

For all, feel free to make me an offer at any time.

Would you take 75 for complete gil and jackson

Well, I didn't expect this. I'm not sure if I'm being accused of being a liar or a scalper, or both.

In case others agree that this is sketchy and I am a greedy adult, here is an expanded story.

I have supported my daughter's collection of Monster High for nearly 2 years now. In searching for all of the items to complete her collection, I have become quite aware of the 'market value' of certain dolls. And since I have a collector gene in me and an investor mindset, I have made purchases over the years that I believe to be good investments (and a few that have turned out to be poor investments unfortunately). As an investment, I have purchased entire 'lots' of dolls over the past 18 months. Maybe she needed 1 or 2 of the group. Maybe she needed none of the group and I just thought it was a very good price. The photos are authentic. The dolls are real. I am trading/selling them. I did not buy them at retail price. I'm not going to have my 10-year old daughter on a website trying to sell dolls.

Do I have better things to do? Yes. That is why they have sat for so long boxed and wrapped. Do I play with the dolls? No. But I had a great time with her, going through the boxes, organizing and sorting. (I will admit to having being the videographer, producer, and director of a few doll 'plays' as well as unboxing videos.) I thought now was a good time to sell them, just before the holidays, so they can go to new homes and be enjoyed.

I also do not consider this scalping. Selling a 1, 2, or 3 year old toy for it's market value seems more like collecting than scalping. I did not go to a store/website yesterday, buy all of the inventory, and offer them for double the price I paid. I have paid much higher than $25 for a single doll and I would not accuse the other party of being a greedy adult. If I didn't like the price, or the deal, I passed and looked elsewhere.

Yes, I am looking for Swim Holt. I think it will be a good investment and a good item to have for trade in the future. In fact, I just shipped one off to the UK to the user, Lee, for cost+shipping. What I didn't realize was that Justice has slowed or stopped their shipments of Holt and now my niece and a family friend has asked for him for Christmas.

As you suggest, I can take all of my items to Ebay, 'cash' them in, and then buy all of the items I'm interested in from Ebay. That certainly makes Ebay happy. But I'd like to avoid Ebay fees, if possible, and sometimes you end up making a deal that is better, and making a friend.

Great questions and a fair challenge. Take care.

I can vouch for Elena's_Dad, he has sent me Swim Holt at cost+shipping.  He hasn't earn t any profit or asked for anything in return.  All he wanted to do was make a little girl happy on christmas day.  Elena's_Dad is genuinely a very nice and helpful person.  I will definitely help him with anything he ever requires.

Thank you for all your help. 


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