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Looking for the following dolls: Holt Hyde, Gil, Toralei Stripe, Deuce & Cleo 2pk Set, Cupid, Wave 1 with pets. Anyone willing to ship to Ontario Canada? I'll pay shipping. Please let me know, thanks kindly!

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Might have a line on a nude toralei.

Check out my sale thread. i have plenty on your list. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

I have complete Basic Toralei, she is out of box but I have her box and keep her in it. Everything is in perfect condition. Including shipping it's 80$. If the price is okay for you I can sell her to you

I have Holt, Toralei, Deuce/Cleo and Cupid, complete.
I also have a Gil, but he is the Dance version.
How much were you thinking you would pay for them?

thats a shame

I have a nude Holt and Tori doll

Someone I know is selling all the basics NIB, less than ebay pricing but still expensive.


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