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if u put the doll's in water the elastic in their hips that keep their legs and body together will get eroded and it'll eventually snap causing the doll to break. D:

just letting you all know, i'd hate to see something bad happen to ur dolls. ):

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Hmm... I've put my dolls under water plenty of times. (Mostly for washing Lagoona's hair.) And nothings happened to them. I think that over time it might effect the elastic, but nothing to make them break anytime soon.
I only put the hair in the sink,to wash the gel out.I am very careful not to get any other bits of the doll wet.(and you have to make the doll naked first lol)

Not true. The water CAN'T effect the elastic but if you put Cleo in her Hair has a 98% Chance of her hair being RUINED I know from my sister doing it. But the elastic in the legs is really A rubber band! wanna know how I know? I know because my best friends monster high dolls legs suddenly fell off yesterday out of nowhere! Creepy? Yes. But I am telling you that NOTHING will happen! Have a good DAY!! =)

PS! once the legs have fallen of they CAN NOT be put back on   =(

yes they can:

Charlotte Lynnette Eddington said:

PS! once the legs have fallen of they CAN NOT be put back on   =(

If it's a rubber band, it can dry rot. If it's elastic, and you don't allow it to air dry, it can mildew and stink... and the elastic can break. Because elastic is typically a rubber band with fiber material coating, getting it wet and trying to let it dry completely can be tricky. It's just like those pony tail bands, constant stretching can cause it to wear out and break.


The best thing is to avoid water, but if you can't help it then to allow to air dry before playing with the doll can ensure the elastic lasts longer.

Oh shoot.

I was looking forward to shooting my lagoona doll in a bowl of water in middle of snow :/. But if the elastic snaps then... Blech.

It wont break! I PROMISE YOU!!!! =)

Ive put lagoona in water MANY times and NOTHING HAPPENS. Just my experiance.

I've dun it once and it hasn't caused any damage and i have put the hair in water many times and nothing has happened to them

I've shoved dolls in water and snow many times. As long as you dry them they should be fine.

I've experienced dry rot of elastic but that's hair elastics, not legs. The leg elastic is very thick. I have dolls from the 1970s who still have their leg elastic intact. Oh it's floppy, but it's still in one piece. That stuff can cope with rather a lot.


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