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Sorry about the state of ken's dress, lol! I was curious what he's from. The second and third pics are I think the same doll line, they're fairies and I've never seen them before.

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Lol Ken's flashing haha, I've seen that Ken mould but I'm not sure which one he is maybe from one of the Barbie movies or something though that outfit looks like Prince Eric or Prince Charming 

Not sure about the female dolls not seen those before

the bottom one really does look like the Disney Fairies Rani I used to own but with different colourations. She's too dark to be Silvermist I think, and isn't Vidia so i'm not sure WHO she is if she IS a fairy but that's what the face looks like to me. It's SUCH a familiar face and it's gonna bug the heck outta me.

Wait wait wait..


The bottom one is Fira! It's definitely Fira.

and I assume the redhead is probably from the same line! Disney store exclusive fairies! YESSS

Her name is Beck

So Beck and Fira.

Disney exlusive Fairies. They're lesser known characters kinda like Rani, I don't think they're part of the "lineup" nowadays.

Oh nice thanks so much!


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