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We had no idea this would disappear and we put off getting it for our daughter -- I swear I was still finding them just a month or two ago but now I don't see them (or their tags anywhere). She really wants it and its just bad luck that I put that off (there's only so much I can get at any one time).

Is anyone still seeing them in stores or am I going to have to finally cave in and turn to ebay for something? (please no!) thanks!!

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I have seen Frankie's bed and the other ones at Meijer a few weeks ago.

I went to my local Walmart and got Abbey's bed. (I was looking for it everywhere.) They had Clawdeen's bed and Frankie's bed also, but there was loads of Clawdeen's and one of Frankie's, but the box was damaged like someone had dropped it. But, I shook the box to see if any bits had broken, but everything seemed fine.

My gosh this thread is 9 months old! Why not start a new thread instead of digging this up?


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