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I recently found a clawdeen wolf doll she is wearing pink pants
With white polka dots and purple shoes? What series is she from??

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I don't know of that attire, she might have been redressed.  Clawdeen is really easy to tell even nude which she is.  If you post a picture, someone could tell which one she is just by hair or makeup. 

That Clawdeen doesn't sound familiar, but take a look through this and see if you can spot her:

In some photos, dolls don't wear the original outfits. They have been customized. To find out which line up the doll, we must base ourselves on her makeup, her hair and the shape of her face.
Speaking of "original", here is the photo of the prototype Draculaura, Clawdeen, Frankie and Lagoona :

It's funny this backward when you consider all the way that crossed Monster High    ;}

I'm not sure how to take a picture. She is wearing a pink top with white dots on the arm an a black bow tie in the middle of the top. She has a gold bracelet with spikes and a gold circular piece in her hair holding her hair back. She has purple eye shadow. Would greatly appreciate anyone's help. Thanks in advance

She's probably wearing Draculaura's shirt. Maybe dead Tired?

As for the doll, check the "clawdeen checklist" someone linked above and you should be able to line her up.

Definitely agree that someone dressed Clawdeen in 1st wave dead tired Draculaura's outfit. The gold circular piece in the hair sounds like Coffin Bean playset Clawdeen

yeah to me it also sounds like a coffin bean clawdeen in dead tired draculaura pjs. Thou she could also be 13 wishes clawdeen.

I guess it depends on where the gold piece is if it's a headband then 13 wishes if it's a pony tail hair tie then it's coffin bean.


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